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  1. *** Read First when having technical issues with SpellForce 3***
  2. Multiplayer Connection Issues
  3. The Prodigal Son Problem
  4. Edit Spellforce 3 gamedata
  5. Good Game Plagued By Bugs
  6. SF3 crashes at 100% loading screen (co-op campaign)
  7. Still co-op campaign issues after v1.10
  8. Re-syncing through steam - causing drastic fps drops.
  9. The tear revival system malfunctions
  10. Servers down
  11. Multiplayer loading screen freeze.
  12. Spell force 3 The cursor keeps moving to the top left after i pressed a button
  13. Stuck on "Miles to go before I sleep"
  14. Game crashed every 5-30min
  15. Completely stuck during The Impenetrable Cage
  16. No Workers in OutPosts and Unable to Assign
  17. Scene 1 Act 1 Cannot Move or Talk to NPCs
  18. The Fight for Farlorn's Hope - workers do not move
  19. Game crashing, causing computer restart.