Vollständige Version anzeigen : Convocation Deathmatch: Game 001

Spider Jerusalem
11-23-2005, 21:19
Description of the Deathmatch Rules:

Discussion of Deathmatch Rules / Concept:

Those wishing to play in first match should PM me before 18:00 GMT on Saturday 26/11/05.

Due to what I can only describe as a spontaneous outburst of apathy, the kick-off for the first game has been postponed.

Of at least fifty people who looked at the game idea/rules, only two have expressed an interest in playing and no one has provided any comments, ideas or feedback in the OT thread.

Anyone else willing to give it a shot, please PM me, otherwise I'll just assume it was a waste of time trying to get you involved.

Spider Jerusalem
12-24-2005, 16:14
Doors open again for festive bloodshed if any four or more of you ware up for trying this...!