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C oNe 05-18-2017 15:52

SF3 Beta startet am 19.5. [BETA BEENDET] - Alle Informationen + Updates
Originalpost von TheZimmS:
Laut einer Gamestar News startet die Beta für SF3 schon morgen und wird mit einem Livestream ab 16:00 Uhr eröffnet. :rock:

Bin schon gespannt auf die etlichen Informationen, die uns die Beta wahrscheinlich bieten wird.

Update: Die Beta endete nach 6 Monaten am 20.11.2017. Vielen Dank!

Folgende Informationen als Update durch die Foren-Moderation:

Details hier:

Und bei Facebook:

SpellForce 3 Beta - Bugs & Probleme Sammelthread

SpellForce 3 Beta - Wichtige Informationen und Systemvorraussetzungen

Diskussions-Thread zu SpellForce 3

Über ein Feedback würde sich THQNordic sicher freuen.
Ihr könnt das ganze über diese Umfrage machen.

Für Bug-Reports und Feature-Requests bitte den offiziellen Bug-Tracker benutzen.
Vielen Dank!

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C oNe 05-22-2017 21:50

Update May 22nd 2017


- Added "Give Feedback" button to the main menu!

- Texture detail level slider in display options now actually has an effect
- Fixed UI scaling setting being ignored
- Improved scaling in most menus as well as some alignment issues
- Fixed multithreading issue that may randomly cause the game to crash

- Your chance to report them!

- Changed UI scale dropdown menu in user interface options to a slider for more fine control
- Faction color healthbars can now be enabled permanently via the user interface options menu
- Settings to adjust camera rotation/panning speed can now be found in the controls menu
- Option to invert middle mouse button scrolling added

- Slightly improved Mentalist and Scout textures and readability
- New Mentalist spell effect (he used fire effects as placeholders before)
- Subtle changes to the post effects (a bit more contrast, clearer colors)

- Paladin: Now uses Cavalry armor instead of Holy armor.
- Paladin: Squad size: 1 -> 2
- Paladin: Total HP 750 -> 800
- Heavy Armor: Blunt Resist 0% -> 25%
- Heavy Armor: Pierce Resist 0% -> 25%
- Armsman: Now does Blunt damage instead of Crush damage
- Armsman: HP 500 -> 450
- Armsman: DMG 100 -> 85

C oNe 05-27-2017 00:03

Update May 26th 2017


- Orcs! (for better balancing data only the Orcs as playable faction)
- Further building space improvements on map Decayed Ruins
- Outpost construction banner can now be activated with both left and right click
- Building production assignments can now be canceled with right click
- Combat music will no longer stop when your army is in the enemy base but there are no enemy units in sight

- Fixed godstone selection shape
- Clicking on building preview for outposts no longer causes heroes to try to construct them, will no longer override selected spell

- Helebardier Upgrade: Reduced damage by 1/3rd

KNOWN ISSUES (will be fixed soon)
- Mage Hero wand attack animations not matching to projectile spawn

C oNe 06-02-2017 23:40

Update May 30th 2017



- Added setting to manually adjust font scale
- Population limit will now only be colored red when at 100%, yellow when > 80%
- Fixed missing population icon in economy display
- Improved health bar positioning above larger units
- Added hotkeys: toggle hero AI on/off, show/hide notification history
- Improved some tooltips and added new ones
- Double cliking on a hero will now select the entire hero party
- Improved multiplayer lobby UI

- Fixed crash when a character had a weapon equipped in the secondary hand slot but not in the primary hand while in sight of an AI controlled faction
- Fixed possible crash when some minimap markeres were not cleaned up properly
- Upgrade for Black Ash Collector now has the correct tooltip
- Marauder Hero typo fixed
- Fixed unit damage values being displayed incorrectly (maybe "fixed" isn't exactly the right term, but it's definitely less broken now)

- Orc buildings are missing some visual details and construction stages
- Fonts are still too small on the default scale

C oNe 06-02-2017 23:41

Update June 2nd 2017



- New lifeforms detected! New animal types are available for hunting.
- Improved tooltips for global resource display: now displays remaining natural resources in owned sectors and average resource production rate
- Improved building tooltips: now displays resource cost with icons, highlights missing resources and resources available in current sector
- Building resource UIs now show remaining resources required instead of current amount.
- Rework of Status Effect System
- Crush Damage Type removed
- Add "Report Bugs" button to main menu, pause menu and post-match screen
- Replaced some fonts and improved default text sizes (you may want to reset your font scale)
- Moved repair and demolish buttons to control grid (bottom right of screen)
- Building information windows now display resource balance instead of plain number of stored resources
- Your first hero will now automatically equip the teleport stone into their consumable slot

- "Wood" renamed to "Logs"
- "Planks" renamed to "Wood"
- "Stone" renamed to "Rocks"
- "Bricks" renamed to "Stone"
- Orc heroes renamed to be more appropriate to the lore

- Attribute Scaling Curve reworked: Scaling curve is now more linear. Abilities and weapon damage does not "explode" anymore in really high attribute regions and attribute points in lower regions reward you with better Scaling then before.
- Weapon Damage rework: Basic Weapon Damage increased. Mastercrafted Weapon Damage strongle increased.
- Warlock I: Now applies Impaired instead of Exhausted
- Enrage I, II, III: Spellpower Buff decreased by 50% (other effects of Enrage are unchanged)
- Blessing I: Now increases all resistances
- Blessing II: Now heals units inside the blessed area
- Warcry II: No longer gives armored to the caster (Spell now actually matches the tooltip)
- All heroes base HP reduced to 50 from 50 to accommodate for the increased constitution scaling
- Hero Leveling slowed down
- Reduced amount of attribute points gained from 1 per Level to 1 every 2 levels
- Heroes start with 2 instead of 1 Ability point at match start
- Max level of heroes increased from 10 to 15
- All Heroes get 2 more Attribute points distributed from the start

- Fixed minimap image for map "Volcanic Crater"
- Goblins now use the correct attack animation

Sam Hotte 06-03-2017 18:41

Offizieller Bug Tracker:

C oNe 06-09-2017 20:45

Update June 7th 2017


- Improved placeholders for some elven voices
- Building resource display now shows missing construction resources

- Orc Drummer: added a attack speed and cast speed increase to the Drummer's aura
- Orc Drummer: increased the Drummer's runspeed to match Orc infantery units
- Orc Troll: doubled HP, DMG but also doubled all costs
- Orc Firemaster: doubled HP and DPS
- Elf Ranger: now uses Unarmored instead of Light Armor
- Elf Ranger: reduced HP from 50 to 45
- Elf Ranger: reduced attack range from 120 to 110
- Elf Ranger: increased attack delay from 2.5s to 3s
- Elf Wintermage: added a attack speed and cast speed debuff to its attack
- Elf Wintermage: doubled HP and DPS
- Elf Protector: added magical resistances to the aura but reduced the overall effect slightly
- Elf Wanderer: does not do Siege damage without the upgrade anymore
- Human Mentalist: doubled HP and DPS
- Hero Leveling Speed increased

- Fixed possible crash when exiting multiplayer game
- Fixed "No Resources" notification being displayed above Lenya Processor building
- Fixed no workers being assignable to Lenya Processor
- Fixed some UI issues in ultra-wide resolutions
- Fixed Henchman Carry Capacity upgrades not being applied correctly
- Fixed rendering order to prevent text flickering

C oNe 06-09-2017 20:45

Update June 9th 2017


- THE WAR IS ON! All three races are now playable.
- NEW MAP: Old-Haalayash
- New, prettier and more detailed item tooltips
- New, prettier health bars
- Updated click'n'fight UI to match new health bar coloring
- Heroes can now instantly be revived at godstones (even if they could still be rescued by another hero)
- Revive charge cost in godstones now displayed as icon, like other resource costs

- Fixed missing elven attack animations

Sam Hotte 06-12-2017 19:02

Update June 12th 2017


- Updated the Pillager's description to better reflect the unit's role.
- Fixed the description of the Human Soldier upgrade to use the correct damage type.
- Tweaked XP gains to make hero leveling a good bit faster.

- Decreased the siege damage bonus to buildings from +50% to +25%.
- Increased catapult base damage to make up for the siege damage bonus decrease.
- T1 unit siege upgrade resource costs 15/20/0/0/0 -> 30/30/0/0/0
- Humans: Removed the Recruit upgrade from the Smithy.
- Humans: Added an upgrade that allows Pillagers to do Siege damage.

- Fixed hotkeys being displayed incorrectly. Hotkeys will now be labeled correctly according to your keyboard layout. Please note that this may cause them to be displayed in your system language rather than the language set in the game.
- Fixed game not being displayed fullscreen in borderless windowed mode if the screen resolution changed since the last game start
- Fixed possible tooltip-related crash
- Fixed missing aria resources on map Old-Haalayash
- Wyvern now does damage
- Casting Medusa now does damage
- Magma Golem now has its name displayed
- "Dreadnough" now is correctly namend "Dreadnought"

C oNe 06-17-2017 09:50

Update June 16th 2017


- Increased player limit to 4 human players per session
- Added fallback font support for asian languages
- New, fancified ability tooltips
- Added an initial version of the post-match statistics screen

- Fixed units remaining standing after being killed while affected by knockback
- Fixed border alignment in loading screen's player elements
- Fixed post game overlay layering
- Heroes won't revive anymore once their faction has been defeated
- Godstones properly revert to neutral faction once their faction has been defeated
- Worker unassign button will not be shown for allied factions anymore

- Base Focus regeneration slightly increased by 0.07 points per seconds

C oNe 06-24-2017 14:00

Update June 23rd 2017


- Player limit raised to six humans per lobby
- NEW MAP: The Great Meadows
- It's now possible to send units towards a hero by right clicking their portrait in the upper-left hero panel
- Added options to enable/disable certain floating texts
- Added floating text for damage dealt and received by heroes (disabled by default, you can enable it via Options -> User Interface)
- Added option to disable depth of field effect

- Godstones properly revert to neutral faction once their faction has been defeated (for real this time!)
- Elven Druids can now damage buildings.
- Elven Ballistas now have a minimum attack range of 50.
- Elven Ballistas now have their proper armor value.
- Fixed damage being displayed incorrectly in tooltips for weapons with magical effects

- Health Potion Healing reduced from 100 to 75
- Focus Potion Focus Regeneration reduced from 20 to 10

C oNe 07-01-2017 18:00

Update June 30th 2017


- Enabled co-op mode
- Weather simulation now runs synchronously in multiplayer games
- More varied weather conditions on some maps
- Further improvements to item and spell tooltips
- Added progression graphs to post-match screen

- Increased hero base piercing resistances from 10% to 35%
- Creep HP overall increased
- Heroes no longer heal on Level Up
- Building Repair Speed significantly reduced
- Sector Center Ruin removal time reduced

- Fixed multiplayer games occasionally going out of sync
- Fixed multiple units giving voice feedback for commands/selection at once
- Fixed inventory scrolling behavior (no more infinite scrolling!)
- Fixed dropdown menus not closing when the already selected entry was clicked again
- Fixed dropdown menus not closing when losing focus
- Fixed color codes not being filtered correctly in scrollable text views
- Fixed time display in post-match screen
- Fixed empty player slots being shown as insane AI in post-match screen

Sam Hotte 07-07-2017 20:26

Update July 7th 2017


- Control group tooltips now show unit portraits
- Added some new rings and amulets
- WIP background for inventory character preview

- Fixed Lenya not being displayed in resource view and on minimap when playing elves
- Fixed wrong effects being displayed in inventory character renderer during build/demolish action
- Fixed ingame chat box not closing sometimes
- Fixed crash happening sometimes when leaving/ending the ingame session
- Fixed loading screen sometimes showing wrong AI coop partner

- Cast times tweaked for many hero abilities.
- Elf Novice DMG 30 -> 24, Attack range 14 -> 7
- Orc Wargrider HP 155 -> 125

Sam Hotte 07-17-2017 01:49

Update July 14th 2017


- Added quality levels for items

- The Assassin ability Punch now does damage at level 3.
- Fixed text alignment on victory banner
- Fixed resources not being transported to a sector if a sector on the shortest possible path was in retreat mode
- Fixed equipped items on heroes reverting their scale while the inventory is open
- Fixed camera viewport on minimap being positioned slightly wrong

- Marauder: Brutal Strike base DMG 75 -> 35
- Assassin: Punch base DMG 15 -> 50
- Changed the scaling attribute of many hero abilities to increase the variety of possible builds.
- Ballista/Catapult: resource costs 0/20/10/6/0 -> 0/10/10/6/0
- Siege Troll: resource costs 20/0/10/6/0 -> 10/0/10/6/0
- Spear Units: increased slashing vulnerability to -50%
- Infantry Units: increased blunt vulnerability to -50%
- Heavy Infantry Units: increased resistances, decreased HP
- Mage and Archer Units: decreased resistances, increased HP
- T1 Units: increased HP
- T2 Units: massively increased HP, decreased DPS
- T3 Units: increased DPS

Sam Hotte 07-21-2017 23:35

Update July 21th 2017


- Reworked character renderer in inventory
- Improved camera behavior to prevent clipping into most large objects
- Added drag and drop to trader UI

- Click and fight is now usable again
- Pause menu will now properly keep the game paused when changing interface settings
- Fixed multiple AI bugs, that made it far too easy / inefficient

- White Mage - Heal: reduced healing, reduced AoE extent, increased focus cost
- White Mage - Healing Circle: reduced healing
- White Mage - Elen's Blessing: reduced healing
- White Mage - Judgement: increased damage
- Assassin - Teleport: doubled range
- Orc Mercenary: range 80 -> 100
- Orc Mercenary: DMG 12 -> 15
- Decreased repair speed of T1 Capital to 50%

Außerdem gibt es eine undokumentierte, neue Funktion:
- man kann laufenden Spielen zuschauen, indem man das "Auge"-Symbol klickt (neben dem "join Session" Knopf).

Und ein Bug hat sich leider auch schon eingeschlichen:
- einige Helden haben zu tief in den Met Krug geschaut und sind am nächsten Morgen im falschen Camp aufgewacht, so dass z.B. die Elfen jetzt den Menschen-Marauder zur Verfügung haben ... ;)

C oNe 07-29-2017 15:10

Update July 28th 2017


- Reduced input lag in trader UI
- Implemented item comparison tooltips in trader UI
- New spell preview effect

- Fixed some issues with AI expansion behavior
- Fixed camera movement and inputs occasionally being lost in replays and when spectating
- Fixed window titlebar appearing off-screen when switching from borderless windowed to windowed mode
- Fixed crash when trying to manually target a unit's AOE ability

C oNe 09-01-2017 20:34

Update September 1st 2017


- New 3D status icons for buildings, traders, etc.
- Grass is now affected by wind and passing creatures
- Added option to capture mouse cursor in windowed and borderless windowed mode (this is on by default, you can disable it via Options -> Controls)
- Added 3D background in inventory
- Improved inventory layout and appearance
- Multiplayer sessions can now be saved and later resumed from the lobby

- TERRITORY BUFF: Humans now gain increased health regeneration in friendly sectors
- TERRITORY BUFF: Elves now gain increased run speed in friendly and neutral sectors
- TERRITORY BUFF: Orcs now gain increased attack speed in enemy sectors
- Outpost Upgrade Paths: Elves can now decide to upgrade their outposts for economy or defense
- Orcs: the War Totem now allows to produce a map-range "nuke" ability

- removed many creeps in between player capitals to facilitate early game scouting and harassment
- increased the amount of food per sector by 50%

- Orc Hero Selection: Marauder, Elementalist, Black Mage, Assassin, Shaman, Demonologist
- Elf Hero Selection: Marauder, Paladin, Archer, White Mage, Assassin, Shaman
- Human Hero Selection: Paladin, Archer, Elementalist, White Mage, Black Mage, Demonologist
- Marauder: reduced Whirlwind damage
- Assassin: reduced Fan of Blades damage
- Black Mage: Silence is now an AoE at level 2, removed bleeding effect
- Archer: Aimed Shot now applies Silence, Apathy and Immobilize on level 1 to 3
- Demonologist: slightly increased the damage of Dark Storm and Corpse Explosion
- Paladin: Reduced the damage increased gained through Battle Training

- Orc Wargrider: increased population cost, price, decreased damage and health
- Orcs now gain much less additional supply from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Orcs now gain increased supply from tier 0 expansions
- Elves now gain increased additional supply from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Elves gain only very little supply from "normal" (economy expansions)
- Elves now gain a lot of supply from the new defensive expansions
- Orcs now produce units faster on average
- Humans now produce units slower on average
- Orc Siege Troll: reduced damage to creatures, added over-time area effect damage
- Human Catapult: reduced damage to creatures, increased knockdown duration
- Elf Ballista: now only hits one target, increased incapacitation duration
- Human Mentalist: now knocks its targets down for one second
- Human Armsman: purges on hit, immune to debuff/silence/crit/interrupt
- Human Paladin: now gets resurrected on death once with 25% HP
- Orc Drummer: massively increased the runspeed/attackspeed/castspeed buffs and debuffs provided and added a VFX
- Elf Protector: now provides a knockdown immunity aura as well as resistance buffs

- Human Recruits can now be upgraded to gain a new shield and more HP
- Elven Novices can now be upgraded to gain highly increased runspeed
- Orc Thugs can now be upgraded from a squad size of 4 to 5

- Orcs do not longer have Wooden Towers
- Elves can no longer upgrade their Wooden Towers
- Orc buildings now generally house fewer workers, are cheaper to build and have less HP
- Elven buildings now generally house more workers, are more expensive to build and have more HP
- Orcs require more iron mines to produce iron efficiently
- Elves require more iron smelteries to produce iron efficiently
- Orcs now gain access to iron mines at T1
- Elves now gain access to Lenya collectors at T2
- Elves now gain access to stone cutters at T2
- Elves: the Heart of the Forest has been removed from the game

- Worker respawn time increased from 30s to 90s
- Orcs now start with three fewer workers in their capital
- Orcs gain less additional workers from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Elves now start with three additional workers in their capital
- Elves gain much more workers from upgrading their capital and expansions
- all economy upgrades have been removed from production buildings
- Elves require no stone at T1, reduced iron for units and increased wood overall
- Humans require more stone for buildings overall
- Orcs require more food and iron for unit production
- Elves can now produce Lenya earlier in the game
- Orcs can now produce Iron earlier in the game

- White Mage: Fixed a bug that massively increased the spell power in Elen's Blessing
- Fixed missing graphs in post game statistics in 6 player matches

- New Voices for Units and Heroes (NOT final yet)
- New UI Sounds
- New Animation Sounds
- Notification Voices

C oNe 09-09-2017 11:46

Update September 8th 2017


- Improved sliders in options menu
- Added resolution scaling option, allowing you to adjust the rendered resolution without affecting the UI
- Added volume slider for voiced notifications
- Added options to disable unit command feedback voices and hero feedback voices
- Reworked building and creature selection information window

- Orcs now have access to the Iron Mine at T2 again (was T1).
- Orcs now have access to the Lenya Collector at T3 again (was T2).
- Massively reduced the cost of military unit upgrades.
- Orc Fighter: Can be upgraded to deal a small amount of slashing damage to all melee attackers.
- Orc Pikeman: Can be upgraded to have a 25% chance to hit another target.
- Orc Marauder: Can be upgraded to gain a 25% attack speed boost when under 50% HP.
- Orc Mercenary: Can be upgraded to deal fire damage to 3 nearby targets with explosive spears.
- Human Soldier: Can be upgraded to heal himself for a small amount whenever getting damage.
- Human Helebardier: Can be upgraded to gain increased damage and double attack range.
- Human Scout: Can be upgraded to deal double attack damage every 15 seconds.
- Human Marksman: Can be upgraded to deal damage to two targets while decreasing attack speed.
- Elf Guardian: Can be upgraded to slow down enemies close by and increase the damage they get.
- Elf Warder: Can be upgraded to immobilize its target on hit and cause it to bleed for a short time.
- Elf Pathfinder: Can be upgraded to gain increase runspeed and health regeneration when out of combat.
- Elf Wanderer: Can be upgraded to gain massively increased range and damage at the cost of reduced attack speed.
- Health Potions now regenerate 150 HP (from 75 HP)

- Fixed some possible desync issues

C oNe 09-20-2017 23:42

Update September 20th 2017


- Improved desync detection functionality (please play some MP, we need more data!)
- Made hero panels and revive charge display prettier and easier to read

- Fixed a potential plot stopper in the Iskander Wilds demo mission
- Fixed a bug that could cause dialogue voice lines to end prematurely

Update September 16th 2017


- Added skirmish button to main menu to allow starting singleplayer matches without detour through the multiplayer menu

- Decreased the resource costs and build times for Iron Mines and Smelteries
- Decreased the resource costs and build times for Arya, Lenya and Black Ash Collection and Production
- Decreased the resource costs and build times for the Shrine, Dark Forge and Academy
- Decreased the resource costs for the Orc T3 Town Center Upgrade
- Increased the production speed for Iron, Arya, Lenya and Black Ash
- Massively reduced the time it takes to research the T2 and T3 upgrade in the capital

- Elf Druid: now costs no stone anymore, wood costs 2 -> 4
- Elf Wintermage: now costs no wood anymore, Lenya costs 3 -> 5
- Elf Pathfinder: now costs no wood anymore, stone costs 3 -> 4
- Human Paladin: now costs no wood anymore, stone costs 2 -> 4
- Human Mentalist: now costs no wood anymore, Arya costs 3 -> 5
- Human Scout: now costs no wood anymore, stone costs 1 -> 2
- Human Helebardier: now costs no stone anymore, wood costs 1 -> 2
- Orc Firemaster: now costs no wood anymore, Black Ash costs 3 -> 5
- Increased Human/Orc worker HP from 50 to 100
- Decreased Elf worker HP from 178 to 100

- Reduced starting HP and Focus potions from 5 to 3
- Massively reduced the amount of potions being sold by MP merchants
- Increased Health Potion Heal from 100 to 200
- Increased Cooldown for Health and Focus Potions from 15s to 45s
- Archer: Reduced Aimed Shot silence duration from 10s to 5s
- Archer: Increased Aimed Shot cooldown from 5s to 10s
- Archer: Chain Shot now adds the Impaired condition on affected targets
- Archer: Chain Shot now hits 6 targets at level 2 and 11 targets at level 3
- Archer: Chain Shot now does increased damage
- Assassin: Increased Fan of Knives cooldown from 10s to 15s
- Assassin: Increased Punch cooldown from 5s to 10s
- Assassin: Decreased Punch effect durations to 2s/3s/6s at level 1/2/3
- Assassin: Increased Teleport level 1 cooldown from 10s to 15s
- Assassin: Teleport cooldown is reduced to 2s at level 2
- Black Mage: Reduced silence duration to 7s form 10s
- Black Mage: Increased the range for Epidemic to chain by a lot
- Demonologist: Increased the range for Infecting Strikes to chain by a lot
- Marauder: Reduced Destroy Life costs to 35 HP and increased DMG to 60 from 50
- Marauder: Increased Whirlwind cooldown from 5s to 15s
- Marauder: Increased Brutal Strike cooldown from 5s to 10s
- Marauder: Brutal Strike now always knocks down for 3s, could go up to 5s before
- Marauder: Increased Tear Down focus costs from 5 to 10
- Marauder: Increased Tear Down cooldown from 5s to 15s
- Marauder: Increased Tear Down cast time to 3s
- Paladin: Commanding Presence and Enrage do not affect the Paladin anymore
- Paladin: Commanding Presence and Enrage now effect up to 5 targets at level 1 (was 0 before)

- Completely revamped audio mix (still WIP though)
- Added dynamic mixing (especially large scale battles should sound more clean and voiced notifications should be more audible)
- Added live orchestra version of menu music
- Music for victory screen
- Fixed phasing issues (especially with waterfall sounds)
- Added sounds for godstones

Update September 11th 2017


- Added rain ripple effects on water surfaces (can be enabled under Options -> Display)

- Increased leveling speed in multiplayer.
- Health Potions now regenerate 100 HP instead of 150 HP
- Focus Potions now cost 150 gold instead of 80 gold

- Fixed crash when trying to start the game in fullscreen mode with non-native resolution
- Fixed some issues with mouse input being handled incorrectly in combination with resolution scaling

C oNe 09-22-2017 23:55

Update September 22th 2017


- Added tooltips to a few more UI elements
- Re-enabled "Apply" button for confirming changes to characters' attributes
- Added "Follow" command for units
- Improved unit movement behavior when following other creatures
- Added "Suicide" command for units to quickly free up some of your population cap ([Del] key by default)
- Changed "Hold Position" command to a permanent aggressive/defensive mode toggle

- Assassin: Fan of Knives now deals more damage over time, less up-front
- Increased the price of Health and Focus potion to 1000 Gold in Multiplayer

- Added four new multiplayer items: Ring of Swiftness, Ring of Stability, Hood of Clarity, Helmet of Sturdiness

- Fixed a really nasty buffer overflow bug that could cause a whole lot of funny errors
- Fixed inspection windows sometimes not being sized properly

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