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Update June 2nd 2017



- New lifeforms detected! New animal types are available for hunting.
- Improved tooltips for global resource display: now displays remaining natural resources in owned sectors and average resource production rate
- Improved building tooltips: now displays resource cost with icons, highlights missing resources and resources available in current sector
- Building resource UIs now show remaining resources required instead of current amount.
- Rework of Status Effect System
- Crush Damage Type removed
- Add "Report Bugs" button to main menu, pause menu and post-match screen
- Replaced some fonts and improved default text sizes (you may want to reset your font scale)
- Moved repair and demolish buttons to control grid (bottom right of screen)
- Building information windows now display resource balance instead of plain number of stored resources
- Your first hero will now automatically equip the teleport stone into their consumable slot

- "Wood" renamed to "Logs"
- "Planks" renamed to "Wood"
- "Stone" renamed to "Rocks"
- "Bricks" renamed to "Stone"
- Orc heroes renamed to be more appropriate to the lore

- Attribute Scaling Curve reworked: Scaling curve is now more linear. Abilities and weapon damage does not "explode" anymore in really high attribute regions and attribute points in lower regions reward you with better Scaling then before.
- Weapon Damage rework: Basic Weapon Damage increased. Mastercrafted Weapon Damage strongle increased.
- Warlock I: Now applies Impaired instead of Exhausted
- Enrage I, II, III: Spellpower Buff decreased by 50% (other effects of Enrage are unchanged)
- Blessing I: Now increases all resistances
- Blessing II: Now heals units inside the blessed area
- Warcry II: No longer gives armored to the caster (Spell now actually matches the tooltip)
- All heroes base HP reduced to 50 from 50 to accommodate for the increased constitution scaling
- Hero Leveling slowed down
- Reduced amount of attribute points gained from 1 per Level to 1 every 2 levels
- Heroes start with 2 instead of 1 Ability point at match start
- Max level of heroes increased from 10 to 15
- All Heroes get 2 more Attribute points distributed from the start

- Fixed minimap image for map "Volcanic Crater"
- Goblins now use the correct attack animation
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