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Update June 7th 2017


- Improved placeholders for some elven voices
- Building resource display now shows missing construction resources

- Orc Drummer: added a attack speed and cast speed increase to the Drummer's aura
- Orc Drummer: increased the Drummer's runspeed to match Orc infantery units
- Orc Troll: doubled HP, DMG but also doubled all costs
- Orc Firemaster: doubled HP and DPS
- Elf Ranger: now uses Unarmored instead of Light Armor
- Elf Ranger: reduced HP from 50 to 45
- Elf Ranger: reduced attack range from 120 to 110
- Elf Ranger: increased attack delay from 2.5s to 3s
- Elf Wintermage: added a attack speed and cast speed debuff to its attack
- Elf Wintermage: doubled HP and DPS
- Elf Protector: added magical resistances to the aura but reduced the overall effect slightly
- Elf Wanderer: does not do Siege damage without the upgrade anymore
- Human Mentalist: doubled HP and DPS
- Hero Leveling Speed increased

- Fixed possible crash when exiting multiplayer game
- Fixed "No Resources" notification being displayed above Lenya Processor building
- Fixed no workers being assignable to Lenya Processor
- Fixed some UI issues in ultra-wide resolutions
- Fixed Henchman Carry Capacity upgrades not being applied correctly
- Fixed rendering order to prevent text flickering
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