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Sam Hotte
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Update June 12th 2017


- Updated the Pillager's description to better reflect the unit's role.
- Fixed the description of the Human Soldier upgrade to use the correct damage type.
- Tweaked XP gains to make hero leveling a good bit faster.

- Decreased the siege damage bonus to buildings from +50% to +25%.
- Increased catapult base damage to make up for the siege damage bonus decrease.
- T1 unit siege upgrade resource costs 15/20/0/0/0 -> 30/30/0/0/0
- Humans: Removed the Recruit upgrade from the Smithy.
- Humans: Added an upgrade that allows Pillagers to do Siege damage.

- Fixed hotkeys being displayed incorrectly. Hotkeys will now be labeled correctly according to your keyboard layout. Please note that this may cause them to be displayed in your system language rather than the language set in the game.
- Fixed game not being displayed fullscreen in borderless windowed mode if the screen resolution changed since the last game start
- Fixed possible tooltip-related crash
- Fixed missing aria resources on map Old-Haalayash
- Wyvern now does damage
- Casting Medusa now does damage
- Magma Golem now has its name displayed
- "Dreadnough" now is correctly namend "Dreadnought"
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