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Update June 23rd 2017


- Player limit raised to six humans per lobby
- NEW MAP: The Great Meadows
- It's now possible to send units towards a hero by right clicking their portrait in the upper-left hero panel
- Added options to enable/disable certain floating texts
- Added floating text for damage dealt and received by heroes (disabled by default, you can enable it via Options -> User Interface)
- Added option to disable depth of field effect

- Godstones properly revert to neutral faction once their faction has been defeated (for real this time!)
- Elven Druids can now damage buildings.
- Elven Ballistas now have a minimum attack range of 50.
- Elven Ballistas now have their proper armor value.
- Fixed damage being displayed incorrectly in tooltips for weapons with magical effects

- Health Potion Healing reduced from 100 to 75
- Focus Potion Focus Regeneration reduced from 20 to 10
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