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Update September 8th 2017


- Improved sliders in options menu
- Added resolution scaling option, allowing you to adjust the rendered resolution without affecting the UI
- Added volume slider for voiced notifications
- Added options to disable unit command feedback voices and hero feedback voices
- Reworked building and creature selection information window

- Orcs now have access to the Iron Mine at T2 again (was T1).
- Orcs now have access to the Lenya Collector at T3 again (was T2).
- Massively reduced the cost of military unit upgrades.
- Orc Fighter: Can be upgraded to deal a small amount of slashing damage to all melee attackers.
- Orc Pikeman: Can be upgraded to have a 25% chance to hit another target.
- Orc Marauder: Can be upgraded to gain a 25% attack speed boost when under 50% HP.
- Orc Mercenary: Can be upgraded to deal fire damage to 3 nearby targets with explosive spears.
- Human Soldier: Can be upgraded to heal himself for a small amount whenever getting damage.
- Human Helebardier: Can be upgraded to gain increased damage and double attack range.
- Human Scout: Can be upgraded to deal double attack damage every 15 seconds.
- Human Marksman: Can be upgraded to deal damage to two targets while decreasing attack speed.
- Elf Guardian: Can be upgraded to slow down enemies close by and increase the damage they get.
- Elf Warder: Can be upgraded to immobilize its target on hit and cause it to bleed for a short time.
- Elf Pathfinder: Can be upgraded to gain increase runspeed and health regeneration when out of combat.
- Elf Wanderer: Can be upgraded to gain massively increased range and damage at the cost of reduced attack speed.
- Health Potions now regenerate 150 HP (from 75 HP)

- Fixed some possible desync issues
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