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Update May 22nd 2017


- Added "Give Feedback" button to the main menu!

- Texture detail level slider in display options now actually has an effect
- Fixed UI scaling setting being ignored
- Improved scaling in most menus as well as some alignment issues
- Fixed multithreading issue that may randomly cause the game to crash

- Your chance to report them!

- Changed UI scale dropdown menu in user interface options to a slider for more fine control
- Faction color healthbars can now be enabled permanently via the user interface options menu
- Settings to adjust camera rotation/panning speed can now be found in the controls menu
- Option to invert middle mouse button scrolling added

- Slightly improved Mentalist and Scout textures and readability
- New Mentalist spell effect (he used fire effects as placeholders before)
- Subtle changes to the post effects (a bit more contrast, clearer colors)

- Paladin: Now uses Cavalry armor instead of Holy armor.
- Paladin: Squad size: 1 -> 2
- Paladin: Total HP 750 -> 800
- Heavy Armor: Blunt Resist 0% -> 25%
- Heavy Armor: Pierce Resist 0% -> 25%
- Armsman: Now does Blunt damage instead of Crush damage
- Armsman: HP 500 -> 450
- Armsman: DMG 100 -> 85
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