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Update June 30th 2017


- Enabled co-op mode
- Weather simulation now runs synchronously in multiplayer games
- More varied weather conditions on some maps
- Further improvements to item and spell tooltips
- Added progression graphs to post-match screen

- Increased hero base piercing resistances from 10% to 35%
- Creep HP overall increased
- Heroes no longer heal on Level Up
- Building Repair Speed significantly reduced
- Sector Center Ruin removal time reduced

- Fixed multiplayer games occasionally going out of sync
- Fixed multiple units giving voice feedback for commands/selection at once
- Fixed inventory scrolling behavior (no more infinite scrolling!)
- Fixed dropdown menus not closing when the already selected entry was clicked again
- Fixed dropdown menus not closing when losing focus
- Fixed color codes not being filtered correctly in scrollable text views
- Fixed time display in post-match screen
- Fixed empty player slots being shown as insane AI in post-match screen
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