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What about the Voice Acting in the 3 DLC's - was it better done in your opinion?
In my opinion, no, it wasn't, So far I have completed Flink's and Caine's campaigns and the voice acting is pretty much on the same level as the FID campaign, and the bad parts are quite noticeable on Caine's DLC scenario, when you evacuate the second settlement.
The elf says "We've arrived, thank you Shaikan" in a way that is just plain awkward.

Since DoP will be the finale, I feel like it needs to be the most polished expansion in the Spellforce franchise and have a more neat voice acting, especially for the Main Villain, assuming that villain is going to be Zazhut.

The things I liked about FID in general were the cinematics(the narrator did a pretty good job, btw), the Soundtrack(FID delivered on that, like the all the past Spellforce games did) and some quotes like "Destiny cannot be changed, this soul does not belong to you"(That quote is stuck in my head).

I don't mean to be disrespectful, I'm just pointing out some flaws in it, mainly because I'm a big fan of the series and I would like DoP to be at it's best when it's released.

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