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Update May 30th 2017



- Added setting to manually adjust font scale
- Population limit will now only be colored red when at 100%, yellow when > 80%
- Fixed missing population icon in economy display
- Improved health bar positioning above larger units
- Added hotkeys: toggle hero AI on/off, show/hide notification history
- Improved some tooltips and added new ones
- Double cliking on a hero will now select the entire hero party
- Improved multiplayer lobby UI

- Fixed crash when a character had a weapon equipped in the secondary hand slot but not in the primary hand while in sight of an AI controlled faction
- Fixed possible crash when some minimap markeres were not cleaned up properly
- Upgrade for Black Ash Collector now has the correct tooltip
- Marauder Hero typo fixed
- Fixed unit damage values being displayed incorrectly (maybe "fixed" isn't exactly the right term, but it's definitely less broken now)

- Orc buildings are missing some visual details and construction stages
- Fonts are still too small on the default scale
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