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Update September 1st 2017


- New 3D status icons for buildings, traders, etc.
- Grass is now affected by wind and passing creatures
- Added option to capture mouse cursor in windowed and borderless windowed mode (this is on by default, you can disable it via Options -> Controls)
- Added 3D background in inventory
- Improved inventory layout and appearance
- Multiplayer sessions can now be saved and later resumed from the lobby

- TERRITORY BUFF: Humans now gain increased health regeneration in friendly sectors
- TERRITORY BUFF: Elves now gain increased run speed in friendly and neutral sectors
- TERRITORY BUFF: Orcs now gain increased attack speed in enemy sectors
- Outpost Upgrade Paths: Elves can now decide to upgrade their outposts for economy or defense
- Orcs: the War Totem now allows to produce a map-range "nuke" ability

- removed many creeps in between player capitals to facilitate early game scouting and harassment
- increased the amount of food per sector by 50%

- Orc Hero Selection: Marauder, Elementalist, Black Mage, Assassin, Shaman, Demonologist
- Elf Hero Selection: Marauder, Paladin, Archer, White Mage, Assassin, Shaman
- Human Hero Selection: Paladin, Archer, Elementalist, White Mage, Black Mage, Demonologist
- Marauder: reduced Whirlwind damage
- Assassin: reduced Fan of Blades damage
- Black Mage: Silence is now an AoE at level 2, removed bleeding effect
- Archer: Aimed Shot now applies Silence, Apathy and Immobilize on level 1 to 3
- Demonologist: slightly increased the damage of Dark Storm and Corpse Explosion
- Paladin: Reduced the damage increased gained through Battle Training

- Orc Wargrider: increased population cost, price, decreased damage and health
- Orcs now gain much less additional supply from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Orcs now gain increased supply from tier 0 expansions
- Elves now gain increased additional supply from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Elves gain only very little supply from "normal" (economy expansions)
- Elves now gain a lot of supply from the new defensive expansions
- Orcs now produce units faster on average
- Humans now produce units slower on average
- Orc Siege Troll: reduced damage to creatures, added over-time area effect damage
- Human Catapult: reduced damage to creatures, increased knockdown duration
- Elf Ballista: now only hits one target, increased incapacitation duration
- Human Mentalist: now knocks its targets down for one second
- Human Armsman: purges on hit, immune to debuff/silence/crit/interrupt
- Human Paladin: now gets resurrected on death once with 25% HP
- Orc Drummer: massively increased the runspeed/attackspeed/castspeed buffs and debuffs provided and added a VFX
- Elf Protector: now provides a knockdown immunity aura as well as resistance buffs

- Human Recruits can now be upgraded to gain a new shield and more HP
- Elven Novices can now be upgraded to gain highly increased runspeed
- Orc Thugs can now be upgraded from a squad size of 4 to 5

- Orcs do not longer have Wooden Towers
- Elves can no longer upgrade their Wooden Towers
- Orc buildings now generally house fewer workers, are cheaper to build and have less HP
- Elven buildings now generally house more workers, are more expensive to build and have more HP
- Orcs require more iron mines to produce iron efficiently
- Elves require more iron smelteries to produce iron efficiently
- Orcs now gain access to iron mines at T1
- Elves now gain access to Lenya collectors at T2
- Elves now gain access to stone cutters at T2
- Elves: the Heart of the Forest has been removed from the game

- Worker respawn time increased from 30s to 90s
- Orcs now start with three fewer workers in their capital
- Orcs gain less additional workers from upgrading their capital and expansions
- Elves now start with three additional workers in their capital
- Elves gain much more workers from upgrading their capital and expansions
- all economy upgrades have been removed from production buildings
- Elves require no stone at T1, reduced iron for units and increased wood overall
- Humans require more stone for buildings overall
- Orcs require more food and iron for unit production
- Elves can now produce Lenya earlier in the game
- Orcs can now produce Iron earlier in the game

- White Mage: Fixed a bug that massively increased the spell power in Elen's Blessing
- Fixed missing graphs in post game statistics in 6 player matches

- New Voices for Units and Heroes (NOT final yet)
- New UI Sounds
- New Animation Sounds
- Notification Voices
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