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Sam Hotte
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Free Game: actual quests differ from quest book

Since FiD's Free Game mode has incorporated the Restoration Project from DS, the conditions to solve a quest sometimes actually differ from what is written in questbook in game.

So here's the part from the readme that explains the details:
Zitat von Aurelinus
4. Changes:
This is the full version of the modification, including changes done in my unofficial patch, but due to possible mistakes and bugs further releases can be done.

Removed some weird troubles with "AvatarFlag" marking when playing different team than Player1 (every map uses random player from 1 to 3):
- Niethalf priests should appear correctly,
- Counting resources is now additionaly marked with "dwarven brandy" to avoid script's indolescence in Gyllyshire map,
- Incarnations appear and disappear correctly finally.


4.1 Westguard

- reenabled crafting/forging items

- Kor and NightSong will appear near Halikos to join your group. Just come close to transfer them into party. To take Kor you need to finish "Honor Marks" quest, Song will appear after DraghLur map.

- On some circumstances you will obtain rewards if having special reward from other maps.

- New heroes are available to join you (from main campaign)

- Now you can recruit any group member in any sequence - use levers instead of dialogs. If you choose with lever dialogs will be disabled and if you use dialog - levers will be disabled. Remember also that some of the candidates are equipped - if take them at too low level, they will loose their equipment.

- "Honor Marks" quest - you need to obtain 5 of them, and to take additional content you need to play all four maps (Rushwater Downs, Gate of Swords, Iron Fields and Norimar).

- "Free Merchant" quest - you need to escort 25 of them - for easy counting they will give you lenya flowers which disappear after finishing quest.

- "Kitaki Spies" - you need to take 24 documents

- "Find Good Niethalf's Priests" - you have to find 10 good priests

- "Destroy Crystals" quest - you need to "kill" all 4 crystals to finish quest (for each you will get a part)

4.2 Rushwater Downs - re-created "Master Certhis" mapquest. It starts after destroing enemy bases. Special reward for avatar lower than 5 level.

4.3 Gate of Swords - re-created "Morca's Ore" mapquest. You find orc shaman near Kor appear, go to him/her to initialize quest. Special reward for avatar lower than 5 level.

4.4 Iron Fields - re-created "Elf's Gifts" mapquest. It starts with visible timer. If you believed this map is hard - check it now. Special reward for avatar lower than 6 level.

4.5 Norimar - nothing, just special reward for avatar lower than 6 level.

4.6 Dragh Lur - free Prophet and you will see...

4.7 Shal - re-created "Brother of Blood" mapquest. Special reward for avatar lower than 14 level.

4.8 SongGlass - re-created "Crystals" mapquest. Special reward for avatar lower than 14 level.

4.9 Gillyshire - re-created "Stop Them" mapquest. Map was extreme easy so I "colored" it a little. Special reward for avatar lower than 14 level. Additionally you will see finally Demeter to fill her bags in "Sources for WestGuard" sidequest.

4.10 Ice Fangs - nothing, just cosmetics to "Free Merchant" mainquest and shrine that sometimes won't speak. Probably you need to speak to Halicos first to get shrine to speak. I have no idea but it sometimes happens.

4.11 Tuscari Wastelands - cosmetics

4.12 Uram Gor - map is just playable due to developers mistake

4.13 Howler Pass, Summers End - Demeter is visible for "Sources for WestGuard" sidequest.

4.14 FireForge - main gates are open constantly after finishing "Rescue Aya" mainquest.
"Knowledge about Beasts" mapquest is restored.

4.15 Underhall, Ironheart Foothills, Windtalker Gash, Summers End - priests are available in "Niethalf's Priests" mainquest.

4.16 Underhall - "Luck" mapquest restored.

4.17 IroHeart FootHills - "Brave Merchant" mapquest restored.

4.18 Golden Fields - restored all voices and some extra persons, and mapquest "Last Men of Sevenkeeps"

4.19 Steel Shore, Dun Mora - restored mapquest "Doesn't Look Like Before""

4.20 Crystal Wastes - restored mapquest "Crystal's Power"

4.21 Sunken City - restored mapquest "Guardian of the Temple"

4.22 Crystal Forest - restored mapquest "Hunting Raptors"

4.23 Crater - depending on how many Incarnations you have killed you meet correct version of the Prophet
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