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Shadow Wars - Technical Support For everything technical related (Crashes, installations problems, errors,...)

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READ FIRST: Known Issues with SpellForce 2

Known Issues with Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars
  • (Multiplayer) I try to play online but get a Code 1 error message
    Code 1 is a server-side problem. This seems to be affecting everyone for some time now. There is currently no news on what the problem is but if you have friends you wish to MP with then you might try Aeos' suggestion in this thread.

  • (UK - SF Universe) My SF2 CD key looks like it is incomplete and doesn't work.
    Some UK copies of the SF Universe box shipped with two SF1 cd keys and no SF2 cd key. To enable you to tell them apart, the SF2 key is 40 digits long while the SF1 key is only 25 digits long. Please contact Quantic Lab support ( ).

  • (US) My game crashes while trying to load a map
    Some US copies of the game shipped with a bad sf2_base05.pak file, causing the game to crash after loading 5-10% of each map. You can try the workaround from this thread or you could try contacting Dreamcatcher Games via their support page and ask if they have a more convenient solution than a large download.

  • I cannot use widescreen resolution
    SF2 does not support widescreen resolution but there is a workaround that involves editing the config.xml file. See this thread for more details.

  • The cutscene camera occasionally locks up
    If you are experiencing the "Camera Bug" while playing SF2: Shadow Wars with SF2: Dragon Storm installed then please consider installing the latest patch, vers 2.01. This patch contains the fix.

    The original English thread on this problem is located here. Thanks to delgado, Knight Jim & Vigilantus for the solution.

  • Entering the Keycode but nothing happens and I cannot continue
    Key has not been correctly entered. Do not enter any space anywhere in the key.
    Delete the full key with BACKSPACE and re-enter. Check for CAPS not being active and always enter the “-“ in between the digit/letter combinations. If that doesn't help, try this...

    Zitat von BronzeSkull Beitrag anzeigen
    Zitat von mordo Beitrag anzeigen
    IIRC i did have that glitch, but if memory serves it was just a matter of pressing [space] once, can't remember if it was in beginning or end.
    Try write the code again, then move it forward one step with [space], or something like that.
    Wow, putting a space in front worked the first time, thanks!
  • Game does not start properly or crashes with a “missing dll” message
    Please make sure you have installed the DirectX9.0c version provided with the game. There are different versions of DirectX9.0c available, so your version may not be the correct one for the game

  • Game crashes to Bluescreen during at the beginning of a map.
    This happens on some Nvidia Cards without the latest drivers. Please always install the latest appropriate NVidia drivers.
    Some older cards may not support the Maximum Shader Settings in the game. Please use Shader 1.1 if you continue to have problems after installing the latest drivers

  • Computer reboots at the beginning of a map.
    On the latest ATI Cards, older driver version may cause the game to reboot your computer. Please always use the recent ATI drivers for your card.

  • Save games do not save or load correctly/Error Message when changing maps
    Savegames can become quite big (up to 60MB per save game) and the game always autosaves when changing maps. Please ensure you have enough disk space available on the drive where your /My Documents/Spellforce2 folder is located. Delete older saves if necessary.
    After loading a corrupted saved game other savegames may also produce error messages. Restart your Spellforce2 game to load saved games correctly.

  • Game speed increases rapidly/Audio cuts off at end of sentence
    This is a known issue that may appear on AMD Dual Core machines. Please update your Processor Drivers from here.

  • DirectX Error Message
    Make sure your Graphic Card has at least 128 MB and do choose Textures above “High” setting. Change the resolution to 800x600.

  • Graphic distortions/Flickering Graphics or Effects/Display Problems
    In some cases changing resolution without restarting the game may lead to distorted graphics. Restart the game after changing resolution or shader model settings if this appears.

  • GeForce Series 5000 up to 5900 cards do not support any setting other than Shader 1.1.
    Please always make sure the setting is correct when you encounter graphic problems with these cards

  • Lags during Multiplayer/Crashes during Multiplayer
    If the host of the game has a very slow machine or a slow internet connection, the game may run slowly and experience “jumps” in Internet games. Make sure the host always is the player with the best connection and hardware.
    Sometimes when the host quits during a multiplayer game, the game may crash to desktop for the clients. Just restart the game and choose a new Internet game. Ask the host not to quit the game prematurely.

  • Performance Issues
    The biggest effect on the performance can be reached with disabling or lowering shadow settings. Disabling Grass will also increase speed. If you use WASD controls during 3rd Person mode, you may experience slight delays at times. Using the mouse to move your Avatar will prevent these.

  • I have disabled auto-skilling for my heroes, but they still distribute skill points by themselves.
    As explained in the tool tip, your heroes will always follow their primary calling. Disabling automatic distribution of skill points will allow you to choose their additional skills when they have reached the appropriate levels of their primary skill tree branch.

  • StarForce Copy Protection Issues
    Please refer to our Forum for all the latest information on this topic or the StarForce Homepage.

  • If you have the US, the Spanish or the Australian version of SpellForce 2 and it doesnt start up (without an error message) check if you have the most recent mainboard chipset drivers installed. If you have a 64 bit processor please install this driver.
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Alt 07-29-2008, 16:57   #2
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Known Issues with Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars - Steam Version
  • I can't finish different quests in Sevenkeeps.
    Zitat von Johny Kat Beitrag anzeigen
    When using Steam there is a section (My games) that lists all the games you have purchased by Steam. Basicly, you select the game you want to play and press "launch".

    Now, with Spellforce (as with most games with addons) two different items appear on the list
    -Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars
    -Spellforce 2 - Dragon Storm

    What happens is that if you select the second one (Spellforce 2 - Dragon Storm), you will load the Dragon Storm addon, but in its´ Main Menu you also have the option to play the original campaign. And that´s what causes the issues.

    So, to play the Shadow Wars campaign, without those issues, you have to select the "Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars" entry on the list.
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Alt 06-04-2009, 19:48   #3
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Original thread updated with newer info. Not only is it now more inclusive of known issues, it has enabled me to unstick a couple of other threads and thus reduce overcrowding in this area of the forum.

If anyone can think of any other issues that ought to be posted here then please PM me with details, being sure to include a link(s) to the relevant topic. Obviously this thread is not for every single problem, only for known issues that effect many/most/all players. Problems that have multiple possible solutions will also be excluded from this topic because I have neither the time nor inclination to list every scenario; their own threads are more appropriate and the search function works well enough to find any that aren't on the front page.
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Alt 03-06-2010, 16:34   #4
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This is not really a known issue, in so much as it's not a game-related problem. However, the question does crop up quite frequently and until recently has always been straightforward to diagnose...

First, check that your graphics card is capable of running the game:

Min. requirement: GFX card with 128MB VRAM (GeForce 4Ti or better)
Rec. requirement: GFX card with 256MB VRAM (GeForce 6600GT or better)

This is clearly labelled on the game box (store bought version) or game info (digital download).

Next, make sure that you are using the latest video drivers for your card.

Finally, make sure that you have a copy of DirectX 9.0c installed. This MS software comes with the game (seperate install) or can be obtained directly, via the MicroSoft Update site. Vista and Win7 users should note that DX10 and later versions of this software do not include DX9.0c or earlier; you must therefore install DX9.0c seperately, if it is not already installed on your pc.

Otherwise, the problem could be some kind of fault with your pc, either on your GFX card or associated software.

A couple of unverified reports have recently suggested that the above may no longer be the only cause of this problem:

I can't verify this but it is possible that newer advances in tech since this game was made could prompt this error message. In which case, you might wish to try kindbond's suggestion, though please note that while it is simple enough to try, so worth a shot, at the time of writing no one else has confirmed it works: Lower your desktop resolution (1024x768) before trying to run the game. If it works then you may set your desktop resolution back to how you prefer it, once you have adjusted in-game settings. Link to original post.
What is the first business of one who practises philosophy?
To get rid of self-conceit. For it is impossible for anyone to begin to learn that which he already knows.

Please note that game related questions should be asked via forum posting, not PMs. Thanks
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Alt 08-25-2010, 02:06   #5
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There has been a recent discussion about a problem affecting SW, and for that matter I'm updating the Sticky info so it contains that information. Basically there's a tool on Windows XP, and probably also Vista and Seven but I don't have a big inside knowledge on those two, called DEP (Data Execution Prevention) that has two options. The option that's active by default only affects Windows components, services and that kind of stuff. But the second option lets you activate this tool for the totality of the software installed on your PC. You can then create exceptions, like a Firewall. It turns out that having the second option turned on may cause the game to block from starting. In that case adding the SF executable, much in the same way you add an exception to a Firewall, enables the game to run again normally.

Just in case anyone experience a similar situation as the user in the discussion I'm talking about, please check if this situation presents itself. The original discussion can be found here:

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