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TOoD - Single Player Missions Attention: Spoiler! You are stuck in the The Order of Dawn campaign? Get help here.

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Shadow world

too long text Spoiler:
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I've read a lot of questions from people that don't { know how to start a certain quest, so I've posted a subquest checklist.

Subquest Checklist:

(The quest name is listed first, then the activator, then the place where the person is found and last a note)


Magical Artefacts --- Talk to Gabar --- Near Sartarius
Dwarf Services --- Talk to Hinrik --- South of Greyfell near the portal to the Northern Windwalls --- (Can also be activated by talking to Cronvig in the Southern Windwalls)
The Tooth Crusher's Pliers --- Talk to Seno --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope
Black Yew Tree --- Talk to Zarim --- Under the HQ of the Order of Dawn (available after Rohen’s dead)
Echoes --- Talk to Sandor --- On the left path in Greyfell above the entrance (available after Rohen’s dead)
Shadow World --- Talk to Castagir --- In Greyfell near some merchants in the south (available after Rohen’s dead)
The Sick Hermit --- Talk to the Sick Hermit --- Under the farmer village (available after Rohen’s dead)
Amra and Lea --- Talk to Orthanc --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope (available after Rohen’s dead)
Soulstones --- Talk to Orthanc --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope (available after Rohen’s dead)
Blood --- Talk to Adhira --- On the left side of of Greyfell above the entrance (available after Godwall)


Small Fish --- Talk to Tyrgar --- Near a river in mid-west Liannon
The Ghost of the Mine --- Talk to Brok --- west of Liannon
From the Deep --- Talk to Brok --- west of Liannon (The Ghost have to be completed first in order to trigger this quest)
Klingzog's Leggins --- Find Klingzog’s Leggins --- North of Liannon near a broken bridge (You must have completed the Shiel’s main quest first)


The Last of the Archers --- Talk to Sidahan --- On the start of the map
The Free Traders --- Talk to Jenquai --- Near a gate on the south part of the map
Stardust --- Talk to Shadira --- South of the gate to the Beastmen land
The Dream Snatcher --- Talk to Istur Ash --- In the beastmen camp
The Wound Tincture --- Talk to Swerdis --- In the Elf settlement


Head Hunt --- Find a head --- Found on 5 unique enemies on this map
The Hostages --- Talk to Sinwen --- North of map next to a human monument
Spellwork --- Talk to Sinwen --- North of map next to a human monument

<The Shiel>

The Purple Banner --- Talk to Lord Commander Tynar --- In the settlement or the fortress

<Wildland Pass>

The Old Man and the Music --- Talk to the Spider Master --- South of the Elf monument
Master of the Spiders --- Talk to Markwart Storme --- In town of Skye (You should complete the Old man and the Music quest first or you won’t be able to do that quest anymore)
Delicate Fabric --- Show Silk of the Spider Master to Calina in village of Skye (You must have completed Master of the Spiders first in order to do this quest)

<Frost Marshes>


<Northern Windwalls>


<Southern Windwalls>

Earthblade --- Talk to Skarvig Ironbeard --- In dwarf town
The Bigger They Are --- Talk to Lorderic --- In dwarf town
Predator's Fur --- Find predators fur --- Beastmen camp south of farmers
White Shadow --- Find Tinara’s cup --- In a Troll camp
Dragon Armor --- Find Drakeling Scales --- Far northeast of map

<Stoneblade Mountain>

A Poison Dwarf --- Talk To Tworsnik --- next to a house near some lenya patches
Big Trouble --- Talk to Kraga --- Far northeast corner of the map

<Greydusk Vale>

Trickster --- Talk to Flint McWinter --- In fortress of the Order
Traitors --- Talk to Morton --- In fortress of the Order

<Howling Mounds>

Homunculus --- Examine the figure --- North of the map



<The Godwall>

Gwen's Medicine --- Talk to Sunder --- He will show up after clearing his village of Wolves
Wolfsign --- Get Wolfsign --- Found in Godwall and Farlorn’s Hope



<Farlorn's Hope>

Thar --- Rigour --- On the trade post
The Cataract --- Talk to Thom --- Red Legion HQ
Stonecrusher --- Talk to Brok --- Briarwolves HQ

<The Rift>


<Southern Godmark>


<Nightwhisper Dale>


<Breathing Forest>




I hope it was of any use

Hey can you please tell me about the quest shadow world where to find the crystal ... it says in an old fortress.. any help someone??
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Alt 01-02-2013, 21:40   #22
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Hey can you please tell me about the quest shadow world where to find the crystal ... it says in an old fortress.. any help someone??
If you have any doubts related to the game please make threads on the appropriate boards instead of posting on stickies, which in this case is only dedicated to the starting point of the quests.

With that being said you should take a look here:
answer Spoiler:
The fortress is in the Howling Mounds.
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Alt 01-02-2013, 23:32   #23
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I missed out on the best armor in game for 3 years because of this,
so here is a detailed description
spoilername Spoiler:
In the howling mounds, near where you fought Korsar, near the portal to whisper, there is one segment of the wall that get a blue ring around it when you move your mouse cursor on it, so interact with this segment, take out the fragment and give to rigor, and then take it to castagir, then go somewhere to another map and come back to castagir, and he will give you the best armor in game !!
Modded campaigns & gamedata for SF 1
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