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Shadow Wars - General Discussion Discuss here all general things that belong to SpellForce 2

Alt 01-09-2014, 21:10   #1
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Couple of quick questions


So I came back to Spellforce since I picked up a copy from Steam, and its nice to see that the forums here are still (kinda) active.

I've got a few quick questions, please.

1) I've noticed a few comments that seem to suggest that the story from SP2 "sort of" follows on or builds on the plot from SP1, although the characters are different...Is it necessary to play the first game through to get the most out of the second game?

2) I've been trying to find comparison/discussion about the SP2 spells, but my search fu seems a little weak, and I can't find a SP2 wiki. Does anyone know where I can find something like that, please?

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Alt 01-09-2014, 22:17   #2
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@1: The story is loosely based on the predecessor. It helps to understand several hints (like the heromonument at the beginning, the Shadow-Warrior or the Flink McWinter-joke in Gate of Swords) but it isn't necessary as Shadow Wars tells a story of its own and the Shaikan are completely new to the SF-universe, so you start from scratch.

@2: I'm not quite sure, what you're searching for. A list of all the spells of SF2? Or a comparison? What more than the tooltips if you hover over the spells in the skill-tree do you need?

So long

Gehabte Schmerzen, die hab ich gern!

Wilhelm Busch
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Alt 01-09-2014, 23:26   #3
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Thanks for your response. I think I might go back and play SP1 anyway, its a loooong time since I played it, so will be fun to revisit it.

As regards the SP2 spells, what I'm looking for is some indication of peoples experiences with them, how they function and so on...I mean, like the tooltip in demonology says that it allows you to summon a demon, but gives no info on the demon itself, so I've no idea how useful the spell is. Similar for Necromancy...summoning skeletons sounds fun, but are they much use? That's the sort of thing I'm looking for, I guess. Just something to help me make up my mind what spells I'd like to aim for.
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Alt 01-10-2014, 01:04   #4
Sam Hotte
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Problem is that nobody really can say if a given spell fits your style of playing or if you'd better invested the skill point(s) in something else ...
Basically, there is a use for every skill/spell, but no skill/spell is imperative to beat the game or certain situation. It's close to impossible (IMVHO) to mis-skill to an extent that renders you unable to beat the game / a certain situation at all.

As for Demonology and Necromancy in particular: They are useful as they temporarily create additional melee units, which absorb and deal additionally damage and are not limited by general limit of sustainable units or such.
But don't expect to summon uber-creatures with the spells; they just add something like a tier 1 to 3 melee unit; the game is quite balanced in this regard.
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