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Alt 07-16-2010, 18:08   #181
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Be my guest, it's what this sub-forum is here for!

BTW, just put in the right section, and that would be in the RPG - Story, and not here.
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Alt 07-16-2010, 18:22   #182
Scripting... Still *Sigh*
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I have pretty much got the hang of this forum now. It only took me a month. I just discoverd you can see who is online in the new posts section

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Alt 10-02-2010, 22:44   #183
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Where do I post my character up? If it's here, then here is is:

Name: Arren Pikku.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Culture: N/A
Occupation: N/A

STR: Poor
CON: Exceptional
AGI: Agile
DEX: Dexterous
INT: Average
WIS: Average
CHA: Average

Character Traits: Hyperactive Daredevil.

Craft - Basic: Apothecary Between amateur and Expert
Craft - Advanced: N/A
Lore: Weather, World, Animal, Plant. All Expert
Trade: N/A
Social: N/A
Movement: Expert Climbing and Tacking. Master Riding
Weapon: Sword (M)
Magic: White Healing (E) White Nature (E)

Normal: Leather Armour. Pouch of medical herbs.
Special: Family Heirloom Twinhooks.
Spells: Healing, Summon Wolf

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Alt 01-24-2011, 00:15   #184
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Benutzerbild von mordo
Registriert seit: Nov 2009
Ort: Thailand
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RPG Character: BPOO
I'll try too

Name: Bpoo
Race: Human
Gender: female
Culture: Does not apply, she's a loner
Occupation: Mercenary.

STR: high
CON: high
AGI: poor
DEX: poor
INT: high
WIS: poor
CHA: high

Character Traits: suffer split personality,
but her imaginative sisters is a company and help her cope with both loneliness & foes.

Skills: Fight
Trade: Loot battlefield and sell to merchants.
Social: Nope
Weapon(s): Hirinstaff / Staff of arch elements / Soulstaff
Magic: primarily MM, & Boon.
Armor: Preferably something that compensate her poor dex, and boost relevant magic resist.

History: She started out as a hand to hand warrior,
which worked well enough vs rookie conscripts.
But after being consistently out-gunned & humiliated on the battlefield vs veterans,
she went to a monastery to meditate,
reach enlightment & learn the mind's might over the body,
more out of necessity on the battlefield then anything else.
Modded campaigns & gamedata for SF 1
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Alt 03-30-2013, 20:19   #185
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Benutzerbild von phoenix1416
Registriert seit: Dec 2012
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ok heres mine

Name: Phoenix
Race: Human
Gender: female
Culture: none
Occupation: Mage.

STR: poor
CON: poor
AGI: poor
DEX: poor
INT: very high
WIS: very high
CHA: bery high

Character Traits: works with heroes and travel middle of rune army if possible likes elves. can create copies. doesnt have any fighting skills

Skills: Mind Magic
Trade: collecting loot selling it and buying spells and robes and equipment
Social: Nope
Weapon(s): red eye and flaming eye, robe of the outer circle, obsidian mask of the arch mage
Magic: only Mind magic lvl 1 healing white magic. becuase too much points
Armor: robe of the outer circle obsidian mask of the arch also wearing aria ring and twilight ( all at the moment)
History started as mind mage. each day mind magic gets stronger. usually charming enemies. shocking and making illusions. supoorting with aura of brilliance. enlighment too. knows very little about white magic.
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