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Roleplaying in the World of SpellForce The english SpellForce RPG forum.

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Free Flinker
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RPG Rules

Before you Begin

Also read the "What You Need to Know" - thread and the "Designing Your Character" - thread.

If you wish to begin a story you must create two threads with an identical title. You should place a link to the other thread in your first post on of both threads but use a text link and not the full URL (also see below).

One will be the main story thread posted on the RPG - Story board, here
  • The main story thread should be kept free of OT posts, signatures and smilies. If you wish to have an OT discussion about the story then you should post it to the OT thread. If you wish to highlight the fact you've posted an OT comment then you are allowed to re-link to the OT thread from the main story thread as long as you keep it neat and include a text link such as "click me" or "see here" instead of the URL in full.
The other will be an OT thread created on the RPG - Off Topic board, here
  • The OT thread is for setting out what sort of story you will be starting, discussion about such a thread, ideas and suggestions as well as a place for players to list the character they will be using. Only one character at a time per player is allowed to take part in each story thread. Choose your character wisely and, if so noted, in line with what the original poster asks for. For example, if the OP wants to run a story about fantasy elves in a gritty and semi-realistic world then please don't spam the thread by submitting a troll with magical axes and an uzi.
Location Threads in the Story Forum:
In the Story Forum there are some stickied threads. You can use these threads for getting started, meeting with other players or just for some RPing fun.

Main Rules
  • Inappropriate content is not allowed - the main board rules still apply on the RPG boards. Action can and will be taken against anyone writing offensive material, whether or not you meant it or were just roleplaying someone who meant it. This is not open for discussion as there are plenty of ways to roleplay and plenty of genres to roleplay in that do not include writing offensive material.

  • As a general rule of thumb, the original author has creative control and final say about his/her story, even if they intend for it to take a free-for-all form. Therefore, your first port of call for any dispute or suggestions should be the original author. If this is not possible, or if something ought to be brought to the attention of a moderator (breaking board or RPG rules) then contact a moderator via PM. This does not exclude moderators from commenting or taking appropriate action but we'd like to have a good reason before we get involved.

  • Do NOT use smilies, signatures or place OT comments on the story thread. Such items will be removed but if you continue to ignore this rule then further action might be taken.

  • Stay in character on the story thread. This goes beyond simply not posting on topic. You should react to situations based upon what your character knows, not what you the player knows. Constantly slipping out of character is bad roleplay and distracting to those who wish to play correctly. The original author of the thread, or other participants, may ask you to stop taking part if you continue to act out of character. Alternatively, if you are the original author then other players may stop taking part in your story.

  • You are not allowed to write a player character out of the story without express permission. This includes killing them off or otherwise removing them from the story and applies to everyone, including the person with creative control. It saves arguments and claims of unfairness. By all means have a character knocked out or captured (or even killed if ressurection magic is rife in your world) but the key here is to ensure the player is able to continue with the story using that character. If a player is absent for a long time then simply ignore them and if the player comes back then they can write in a plausible explanation for their absense. Alternatively, you may continue to write that player character into the story as long as you follow their basic characterization, as listed on their character sheet.

  • You are not allowed to simply jump into an existing story without permission. If you see a thread you'd like to take part in you should first check the OT thread for that story. If the original author left it open for new characters then post the character you want to use and wait for permission before you begin posting to the story thread. You may also wish to send a PM (private message) to the person you're asking permission from.

  • Please keep any comments about a story constructive. Flaming, trolling, spamming and the like will not be tolerated. For some people, it is hard enough to share their creative ideas without the dissincentive of potential ridicule. If you don't like a concept then don't take part or stop taking part. There are no right or wrong way of playing this RPG (except for blatent rule breaking) so just find something that suits you personally, or start something if you can't find what you're looking for.

Continuity and Changing a Post

If you or someone else inadvertantly posts a continuation of the story that you don't like, then if everyone has followed the rules and posted in-character as well as writing actions each character is likely to do, you might just be stuck with it. Continue from that point, working around the slip up as best you can. However, if you are truly concerned and everyone involved is agreed then you may contact a moderator and ask for the offending post to be removed or amended. Just don't make a habit of it. Also ensure you've discussed it on the OT thread first or the moderator will assume it's not been discussed and dismiss the request.

On the other hand, if the offending post broke any rules, wrote players totally out of character or otherwise failed to keep within the spirit of the thread then you may contact a moderator at once. The post will then be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

Colour keys

These are guidelines rather than rules because they are not always necessary but if you need to highlight something to draw attention to it then you should stick to the same colour key as follows.
  • To indicate that the game is on hold and that no one should continue posting to the story until any relevant discussion has been resolved on the OT thread you should post in red text at the end of your post, like this: "**PAUSE**". This is generally the reserve of the thread's controller so you shouldn't use it unless they give you permission.

  • To indicate that you have finished your turn and would like someone else to continue you should post in red text at the end of your post, like this: "**continue**"

  • If necessary, to indicate that you are speaking as the thread's controller/gamesmaster (GM) to describe a situation or answer a question you should post in blue text, like this: "You can tell that the man knows nothing and further interrogation would be pointless"

  • Similarly, some OOC (out of character) questions can in fact be tied into the story (example follows) and should be highlighted in green text, like this: "I take a close look at the man infront of me while grabbing his shirt in both hands and pulling him to his feet. If I think he knows more than he's telling us I'll beat a confession out of him but if not I'll throw him disdainfully to the floor and leave without a backward glance." - notice the question is written in story form but it's still a question for the GM to answer so is highlighted in order for them to see it more clearly.

Yours RPG Staff Team

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Free Flinker
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Useful Threads

Below are listed some links to threads you might find useful:

Here you can list premade characters for others to gather ideas from or to use instead of making a character from scratch. A few example characters have already been included to provide you with an idea of the format to be used and what can be accomplished with the rules.

Here you can post suggestions for the RPG forum in general.

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