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Roleplaying in the World of SpellForce The english SpellForce RPG forum.

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Seasonal Monsters

Happy Halloween and to celebrate here are some suggestions for a variety of monsters.


STR: +1 whole level so an average human becomes strong while an already strong troll becomes exceptionally strong. An already exceptionally strong troll won't improve in STR

CON: +1 whole level similar to STR. The undead ignore pain and debilitating wounds

AGI: -1 whole level. Zombies are not very quick or agile

DEX: -1 whole level. Zombies in particular do not have physical co-ordination

INT, WIS and CHA: Effectively no score since Zombies act purely on instinct or via external command. They have no life experience to draw on, at least none they remember and have no discernable personality.

Zombies are almost indestructible and will continue to animate until their brains are destoyed. Due to their state of bodily decay they automatically intimidate onlookers as if they had a skill level of expert. They are immune to Black Magic spells such as pain, as well as mind magic. A well aimed elemental earth spell will destroy them if it destroys their brain while elemental ice and fire spells will affect them but they will ignore standard effects and continue to operate even if, eg, set aflame.

Zombies have a slow movement rate but will relentlessly pursue a living creature who comes within it's sensory range. Luckily, the zombie has no means other than visual to track such prey but if they suspect you're holed up somewhere they will try to get at you, even if you're out of sight or are no longer there, with a single-minded determination.


STR: -1 whole level. Being essentially animated bones, a Skeleton has no musculature to lend them strength.

CON: +1 whole level similar to STR. The undead ignore pain and debilitating wounds

INT, WIS and CHA: Like Zombies, effectively no score.

Skeletons are hard to destroy with piercing weapons or elemental fire and are immune to elemental cold, mind magic and black magic spells like pain.


STR: +1 whole level, similar to zombies.

CON: +1 whole level. Also like zombies the Vampire is immune to physical pain. They feel it but can learn to ignore the psychological effects when they realise they can't be harmed.

Vampires can be affected by mind magic or black magic spells like pain but as stated can learn to ignore it owing to the fact that such things cannot destroy them. They are immune to elemental ice magic.

The only way to permanently kill a Vampire is to decapitate it or stake it through the heart. They are intimidated by religious symbology, the smell of garlic and running water.

A Vampire needs the warm, fresh blood of a sentient being in order to survive. If they are forced to go without such a meal for more than a couple of days their physical abilities (STR, CON, AGI and DEX) will drop by one whole level. If forced to miss a meal for one week they will become torpid and eventually revert to a comatose and death-like slumber until revived with fresh blood. In this torpor they can react on insticnt and reflex similar to how a zombie acts.

Vampires are experts at casting mind magic and can shapeshift into the form of a bat or a gaseous cloud to elude their enemies. In gaseous form they automatically drift toward their coffins which they must rest in during the day.


STR: +1 whole level. A Werewolf in hyrbid form

CON: +1 whole level. A Werewolf has tremedous stamina and vitality, able to shrug off many but the strongest attacks.

INT: -1 whole level. A Werewolf in hybrid form acts on an instinct to kill but retains a certain amount of native cunning and above animal intelligence.

Werewolves can take damage from any attack but will almost instantaneously regenerate such wounds so it takes a massive amount of damage to incapacitate one. However, there is hope for the would-be wolf slayer because werewolfs have an extreme allergic reaction to silver. Wounds from silver do not regenerate and even heal more slowly than a similar wound would on a human (as if CON were feeble). Damage taken from silver weapons will intimidate the Werewolf, causing it to enter an uncontrollable rage or to flee.

Werewolves can shapeshift between human and wolf at any time but always shapeshift to hybrid form during the 3 day cycle of the full moon each month. This is uncontrollable when the full moon is visible in the sky.


CON: +1 whole level, like a skeletal undead.

Liches are one of the most dangerous forms of undead, being as they are the remains of powerful spell casters ressurected into unlife. They have the same immunities and resistances as skeletons but retain their cunning intelligence, wisdom and charisma.

Liches constantly emit an aura of cold, lowering the temperature around their bodies to at least 1m radius. Exposure of more than a few minutes will cause the victim to shiver uncontrollably, effectively reducing the DEX score. The burning red eyes of a Lich also intimidate automatically and they are able to lifetap one victim at a time, at will.

A Lich can only be destoyed if both their physical being and their spirit is destroyed. A Lich's spirit is contained within an enchanted object of whatever design they chose. This could be anything from jewelry to a statue but will never be far from the Lich's person since they are unable to stray too far from their bound soul without being severely weakened.


STR: +1 whole level

CON: +1 whole level

AGI: -1 whole level

Mummies are the dessicated corpses of once living individuals cursed to protect tombs or property for all eternity. Like many other types of undead, mummies are immune to pain, mind magic and elemental ice. They are also highly resistant to most weapons but the enbalming process makes them very susceptible to elemental fire magic or even normal flame. If presented with an open flame they are intimidated by it but if set alight they are liable to go into a berserker rage, attacking anything and anyone in sight. Luckily mummies move with a stiff and jerky gait that isn't designed for speed. However, they are relentless and can unerringly track both stolen property they were charged to protect and the thieves/defilers responsbile. This curse can be passed on if such property is accepted by someone else but can be removed if such an 'innocent' person returns the property to where it was stolen from. The original thieves have no such luck and must either destroy the mummy or be destroyed by it for the curse to end.
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