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Alt 03-07-2013, 16:10   #1
Ice Lord
Registered User
Registriert seit: Apr 2009
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Niethalf in the Arena (Free Game)


I'm establishing this topic because either I'm a moron or this god is slightly overpowered. I admit that in Dragon Storm it was a little bit too easy, but now it's just... wow.

So, my avatar is half healer, half enchanter (sort of), but I also distributed one point to elemental magic, obviously for the staff that freezes creatures up to lvl 32. The point is, that this method doesn't work. I tried about ten times with no positive results. All heroes are fighting (dark magic user with healing, battle staff user, tank, archer and elemental + mind magic user). Even shaman, shaikan horseman and ghosts are helping, but it is not enough. Niethalf casts Iron Will because I can't get 100% hit with that freeze spell. He even casts right through Silence. I added to this arsenal Corrosive Cloud, Head Blow, True Shot (interrupts creatures), Hurricane, and guess what! Nothing. I managed to deplete about half of his health while constantly monitoring all abilities and their cool-downs. Then, the inevitable happened.

Once I summoned the malar creature, but it is not very helpful (god killed it with one hit).

Shanna and previous gods have fallen to me mainly because of the Charm spell, but as far as I can see, Niethalf has no minions, so I'm not able to turn him against them. Moreover, this would not prevent him from using Iron Will.

I literally don't know what to do and could use a bit of advice. And no, I don't wanna redesign my character and heroes for some shakian abilities (I'm not the biggest fan of them) if that's the key.

PS Sorry for my English.

Edit: In Faith in Destiny Niethalf is lvl 30.
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Alt 03-07-2013, 16:23   #2
Sam Hotte
Super Moderator
Registriert seit: Jul 2010
Beiträge: 4.096
- moved to multiplayer -

Patient you must be, my young padawan ...

With a staff that can freeze niethalf he's very well doable even if he resists the freeze sometimes. Just keep freezing him, so that he cannot deal much damage so you do not need to heal often but concentrate on dealing damage to him - huge damage in short time to overcome the iron will.
It may take a while, but it is doable like this.
See e.g. here:
(post #9 et seqq.)

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Alt 03-07-2013, 16:50   #3
Ice Lord
Registered User
Registriert seit: Apr 2009
Beiträge: 7
1. increase your damage output and kill him during his spell's cooldown.
2. go for mental magic and cast Silence when he is about to cast Iron Will.
3. Try to loot the freeze/ice comet staff that is able to freeze LVL 30 in the crater.
4. Go shaikan and try if those bloodspells that reverse regeneration and reflect damage help to overcome the Iron Will.
5. Drain his mana thus preventing him from casting.
1. I managed to deal him about 15000-20000 dmg in 10 seconds without using abilities. With spells etc. it is more, but not enough to kill him in 120 seconds (Iron Will cool-down)
2. I dunno why, but he doesn't give a crap about Silence and casts right through it, as I said before ;(
3. I did that, it can freeze creatures up to lvl 32 (freeze staff), or lvl 31 (ice comet staff). The first one is "faster", so I use that one. And about hit possibility: sometimes it's 9:10 and sometimes 4:10, especially when he enters his half health zone. He even cast Iron Will when he was covered in ice few times, so...
4. Yeah, leveling up from scratch. I don't want that.
5. 120000 mana points, how to drain that?!

I have no idea how to kill him. I know what should I do and I'm doing it, but it just doesn't work. Should I spend like three hours praying that hit possibility will finally smile to me?

Edit: I managed to deplete his health nearly to the red zone (less than 25%) and he cast Iron Will when he was frozen. He did that two times in a row. I give up...

Geändert von Ice Lord (03-07-2013 um 17:03 Uhr).
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Alt 03-07-2013, 19:07   #4
Ice Lord
Registered User
Registriert seit: Apr 2009
Beiträge: 7
I can't edit the post (time limit?), but just wanted to say that I killed him using some sort of a glitch. The topic can be closed.
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Alt 03-07-2013, 19:36   #5
Sam Hotte
Super Moderator
Registriert seit: Jul 2010
Beiträge: 4.096
Yes, there is a edit limit of IIRC 15 min.

Pls feel free to share your solution with us ...
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Alt 03-07-2013, 20:14   #6
Ice Lord
Registered User
Registriert seit: Apr 2009
Beiträge: 7
Like I said - It was a glitch I've used a Charm spell because he killed my main healer. Then I sent him to a graveyard and after that, ghosts popped up. He killed them but was somewhat stuck in one place (running in the same spot, I don't know how to explain that). I realized that he is not using his Riposte spell anymore, so I thought it could be a good moment to launch an attack. He died after some time. Wasn't hitting my heroes or using Iron Will. His corpse showed up in the middle of the map (spawning point of gods), which is weird
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Alt 03-08-2013, 01:24   #7
Sam Hotte
Super Moderator
Registriert seit: Jul 2010
Beiträge: 4.096
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Like I said - It was a glitch
Yeah. But nevertheless if it was a reproducable glitch/exploit it might still be helpful for others becoming desperate with this particular tough fight.
(nobody said you always had to be fair and honourable in the arena ... )

So thanks for trying to explain.
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Alt 03-08-2013, 20:02   #8
The wait is over !
Best SF2 Map
Benutzerbild von edriano
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Ort: Jakarta, Indonesia
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Red face

Ahh, The Arena, my all time favorite free game map from SW/DS.
That bring back memories.

Hmm... back then I use this strategy on him.

1. Use head blow often (stun enemy)
2. Use taunt.
3. Freeze staff.

What I do is to try to taunt him just before he regen his health.
He will run after the taunter a few steps before use regen,
here is where head blow and freeze staff comes in.

Tried it a few times before he finally defeated.
After that I mods the arena and have the prophets join in the fight.

Fate and Destiny, Choice and Decision, I choose my own destiny
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