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Technical Support For everything technical related or installation problems

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Alt 11-27-2003, 18:44   #1
Marc S. Olbertz
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Key Code - Serial number Problem

During the replication of SpellForce, the key stickers, which have been adhered to the CD case were printed in a small point size with the result that the numbers and letters are either hard to read or in certain cases illegible . In some cases letters may be mistaken for another; for example an "A" may be confused with an "R."

To rectify JoWooD has decided to action as follows:

JoWooD will immediately release a patch, displaying the alphabet in "White Rabbit," as used on the key stickers as well as the alphabet in "Arial," which should assist the user to easily recognize the actual letters/numbers and therefore enter the correct key.

Please use this support form to get a fast answer on your request: support form

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused and wish you lots of fun with SpellForce.
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Alt 10-12-2007, 15:37   #2
Free Flinker
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Re-Entering Serial in Windows Vista

Since a few people have reported an inconvenient problem with running SF on Windows Vista, namely that the serial number has to be re-entered each time you run the game, here is a solution:

Zitat von DiskJunky Beitrag anzeigen
Right-click on the short cut in your start bar for the game and select "Run As Administrator". Re-enter the code when asked. That should then save the code properly so you don't have to re-enter it again.

Missing CD Key

It is a complete waste of your time to post here asking for a CD Key because no one here can help with that. Only the distributor of the game in your area can help so contact them directly. How to contact them is usually listed in your game manual - they will be the company involved that isn't JoWood (producer) or Phenomic (developer).
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Please note that game related questions should be asked via forum posting, not PMs. Thanks

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