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Alt 03-11-2012, 18:52   #1
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Useful Links - SF1 Mods

As some of you might be aware by now, community member and SpellForce addict Mordo has been making some modifications to the single player campaign of SF1, along with the help of other members like Rupuzioks for instance.

Normally this sticky thread would include links to the places in this official forum where such game modifying tools would be available, but the fact is that they're present on an outside, fan-made, different forum and server. No harm no foul as it's ran by both previously appointed users, and everything there is legit. The site was brought upon by them when this one, the official one, was being migrated to its new domain and was as such unavailable.

So below is the link for an outside source of information, which I could compile and place inside our own walls, but given the personal commitment shown by the aforementioned users in creating and maintaining that information available in the shadow of this forum's unavailability I shall therefore show the path to the yellow brick road below.

Link for Mod section of SF1 Fan Forum

The posts there are pretty self explanatory and any new information regarding such tools will be put here, as I'll let this sticky open for future developments.

Thanks Mordo and Rupuzioks and feel free to carry on the good work.
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Alt 05-31-2015, 19:19   #2
Sam Hotte
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List of SF1 Mods here in our boards

I'm trying to collect and catalogue mods for SF1 that can be found here in our boards.
Feel free to post other interesting mods (which I might have forgotten) in this thread (with link!).
If available I have linked English-language-threads.

I linked the first post of the thread but please read through it, as there are often updates and improvements available.

Mods the Campaign

Mods Free Game Mode

Mods for Skirmish/PvP

Mods for Items

Items: Item overhaul reknak

Mods for Appearance

Appearance: HD Textures Korahan

Other Mods

Other: Attribute Freedom Korahan
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Alt 09-20-2015, 15:30   #3
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here is human army mod

humans changed into sha/saurian

Tempus et Vita, Tempus et Mortis
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