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TOoD - Demo Discussion Everything related to the Demo

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SpellForce - FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions of the official SpellForce forum.

...to be updated.

  • What is Spellforce?

    „SpellForce – The Order of Dawn“ is Phenomic’s innovative new PC game that combines RTS with role-playing and tactical elements.
  • Who is Volker Wertich?

    Volker is one of the cornerstones of the German game development industry, and was responsible for many Amiga classics such as “Emerald Mine”. He is also well-known as the creator and designer of the world-famous “Settlers” games, and worked as lead programmer on “Settlers” and “Settlers III”.

  • RTS? RPG? What type of game is it?

    With its unique mix of game elements, SpellForce cannot really be assigned to any of the standard genres. However, at its core it is comparable to an RTS with empire building elements such as constructing buildings, finding resources, etc., as well as battles with different types of units. The game is probably best described as 70% RTS and 30% RPG, mixed with some tactical elements.

  • What is the relationship between Phenomic and JoWooD?

    Phenomic is the team developing and designing SpellForce. JoWooD is the publisher, taking care of financing, distributing, marketing and support.

  • Who or what is Virgin Lands?

    Virgin Lands is an external graphics studio, responsible for creating most of the in-game graphics of SpellForce, as well as the intro and outro. Other recent VL projects include “AquaNox” and the cut-scenes for “Cultures 2”, “Robin Hood” and “Desperados”.

  • What is the difference between Units, Heroes and Avatars?

    In SpellForce, there are three types of units: The avatar, heroes and the units of the construction races.

    The avatar is essentially the player’s alter ego. You can choose and configure him/her at the beginning of the game (skills, appearance, etc.), and during the course of playing, collect experience points that can be used to improve the various skills. The avatar can be equipped with items such as armour and weapons. These can either be bought, or taken from defeated foes.

    By finding specials runes (how the runes work will be described in detail on the website at a later date), the avatar can summon up to five heroes. These are also special units, similar to the avatar, that can be equipped with items – they cannot, however, collect experience points and advance to higher levels or learn new spells.

    Last but not least we have the units from the six main races, which are used to recruit armies for bigger battles. These units are tied to resources, i.e. the player must first build a settlement before he can train and send swordsmen, club-swinging trolls or deadly elf archers into battle.

  • What exactly is the Click’n’Fight-System?

    SpellForce is the first game featuring Phenomic’s new and revolutionary control system called “Click’n’Fight”. Recall the problem of other RTS games: The player selecs a unit, assigns a spell or type of attack, and then tries to find and click on a target on the battlefield to start the attack. If he misses, the whole procedure starts over. SpellForce facilitates this system by showing the player’s units and which actions can be performed when the player selects an enemy. A second click and the chosen action is performed – quickly, easily and precisely.

  • Will there be a multiplayer mode?

    Yes, definitely – and not just one. We have a couple of surprises planned, so that’s all we’re going to say at the moment. Expect the unexpected!

  • Will SpellForce be available on consoles?

    Currently, no conversion to consoles is planned. Because of the very mouse-centric controls, a 1:1 conversion would be difficult, but that does not mean impossible.

  • Is a playable demo planned?

    A playable demo which contains the turorial, one single player level and two multiplayer maps is available here.
  • What about the system requirements?

    PIII, 1 GHz
    32 MB Videocard
    Win XP/2000/98/Me
    256 MB Ram
    2 Gigabyte harddisk space
    Direct X 9

    P 4, 1,8 GHz
    64 MB Videocard
    Win XP/2000/98/Me
    512 MB Ram
  • When will the game be released?
    -> Europe: November, 28th 2003
    -> North America: February 24th 2004
  • Will there be an official SpellForce hintbook available?
    Yes. The hintbook has 170 pages and provides players with the easiest possible introduction to the new genre of role-play strategy games (RPS) and also guide genre newbies through the extensive gaming world of SpellForce.

Gameplay FAQ
  • Question: How can I bypass the tutorial?
    There is a checkbox in the main menu to turn off the tutorial before it begins. If you are already in the tutorial, go back to the main menu and check the box, then restart the campaign.
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