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Old 03-19-2004, 23:15   #1
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How To Hack Items....finally!!

First credits to musashi, for finding these spell codes, and for finding how to modify these values to start with, also credits to the guys over at gamefaq's who figured out how to get artmoney to recognize the spellforce process.

Anyways, on with the guide.

I figured out how to get any item you want in spellforce today using artmoney, so i thought id share my findings with everyone so they can try too. I dono if anyone else has figured this out or done a guide yet but i havent seen it so i figured id write one just in case.

I figured it out using musashi's spell hack so here goes ill try and explain as easily as possible:

First, i recommend to backup your savegames, they are in your my documents folder in another folder called spellforce. Just copy this folder and put it somewhere safe, liek on your desktop incase something goes wrong and you can restore your files.

You need 2 programs:

Artmoney & procexp.

Download armoney here:, get the free version it works fine

Download procexp here:, it is a free program too.

Install both programs then open up procexp.

Launch spellforce, load up any savegame file you want, go to greyfell and buy a fireburst level 1 scroll from vedimon geddiumus, he is in the central area of greyfell around all the merchants there. Put this scroll in the lower left slot on your first page of your spellbook.

then alt-tab back to windows.

Then open procexp window which you started earlier:

go to file, then run, then browse, and point it to where you have your artmoney executable installed, or conversely to the shortcut to run it.

Then hit run, artmoney should launch and then say yes to the waiver.

Close procexp, no longer necessary to be open.

In artmoney, in the select process drop down, highlight spellforce - the order of dawn, you cant do anything until you can see this process, so if you cant see it.... go back to the start and repeat the steps, you screwed up somewhere.

Continuing on.....

Hit the search button in artmoney

Select exact value, specify 102 for the value, in the box underneath select custom and in the next dialogue box make sure integer 2 bytes and 4 bytes are checked..leave everything else, press ok and go back.

click ok and watch artmoney search for the values, this will take a second or 2 depending on how fast your machine is.

now in the left column of artmoney you should see thousands of different values, these are memory adresses holding the integer value of 102, we want to modify only certain ones in here to get our stuff so to find the right values alt tab back into spellforce and move that fireburst spell over one slot in the spellbook,

alt tab back to artmoney

now press the sieve button, and set the value to 0 instead of 102.

This should narrow many of the results out, we are trying to get it down to 3 values, so if there are still more.. move the fireburst spell back into the EXACT same slot it was in before (lower left, first page)

then hit sieve again, and change value back to 102.

Repeat this process until you are left with 3 integer values, one 2 byte, and two 4 byte values.

Leave the 4 byte values alone, we are interested in the two byte value.

What we have found here now is the item code...that is currently in the PARTICLULAR slot in the spellbook we have the fireburst spell in. Changing the value of the two byte integer can give us any item in the game, from rune warriors, to spells, to equipment.

How it works, is you set the value to whatever you want (as long as it is a valid item code, which ill list below) then alt tab back into spellforce, pick up the fireburst spell as if you were going to move it into another slot and watch as it magically transforms into whatever you specified. Then just put this item you have picked up anywhere into your inventory in its corresponding type slot (runes on rune page, items on items page, spell scrolls on spell scroll page)

and enjoy the new item!!!


after you have done this and gotten whatever you want, make sure to change the original fireburst spell back to itself, or it will cause an error and your computer will blow up...haha, no it will crash the game likely. Just set the 2 byte value back to 102, then go into spellforce and pick up/put back the fireburst spell to restore it.

Some tips:

I recommend just trying one or 2 items first till you get the hang of it, GO THROUGH a bindstone to another level to make sure all data is updated and that the items, do not dissapear on you etc across level changes, so far this hasnt happened to me and i just hacked all spells and all the cool items (werent actually that many) i was missing from my high level char and i can go anywhere in game and they stay put.

dont forget to restore the fireburst scroll

If you would liek to get an item i dont have listed here follow these steps to find the code for any item you want.

Choose any empty slot in yout inventory, but one you can remeber.

i.e. page one upper right corner or something, that you wont forget.

put an item in there that i have a known code listed below for, cloth pants are availiable in greyfell from the first merchant you see when you come throught the front gate. well use those.

use the same search/sieve technique on the pants which value is: 533

(in artmoney search for the value 533, then move it over one slot, sieve the values for 0, then move it back, until you are left with 2 4 byte integer values - this is the item code for that item)

now alt tab back to spellforce, and just put any item you want in THAT PARTICLUAR SLOT (upper right first page), alt tab back to artmoney, and the value of the 4 byte integers will have changed to that item code, whatever you put into the upper right slot on page one.

This is usefull to do because you probably have items on other chars you wish you had on your current char or vise versa.

All the items codes i listed here i used this method, so unfortunately i items i dont have i dont feel like going through the list one at a time to figure em out.

Please list your item codes as you find them thanks.....

The nice thing is, now that we have found these 5 values in artmoney (3 for fireburst, 2 for the item slot)

You can save and load any of your savegames and these memory adress are still valid FOR THE SPECIFIC slots we have found (first page lower left spell book, 1st page upper right for item inventory)

So find the codes of the items you want using this method...

(or conversely do it the hard way and scroll through items one at a time increasing the value of your 2 byte integer until you try all values...brute force method)

Then just hack the items into any savegame you want.


heres the item codes and spells scrolls i got so far:

Again, please list your item codes as you find them for the rest of us thanks.....


600 = windsteel helmet
601 = Damaged warrior helmet
602 = helm of the elite
603 = steelclad warhelm
604 = helm of battle!
605 = commoners cap
606 = burglars cap
607 = thieves cap
608 = dawn helmet
609 = guild helm
613 = elven steel helmet
614 = Helmet of the gaurd
618 = Monk Cap
619 = Helm of true faith
623 = Obsidian Mask of the archmage
624 = Ceraa's Obsidian mask
2358 = Spellmask
2207 = Electrum Helmet


549 = winterstar
555 = ring of dawn and dusk
556 = emerald ring of nor
642 = Ring of the red horde
646 = bone ring
649 = ring of the master rogues
654 = legendary ring of the northmen
655 = Ring of Many
656 = ring of the worlds
658 = Ring of master sorcery
659 = Ring of solitude
2006 = udwins ring
2153 = frozen time
2543 = gemstone
3621 = malachy


709 = Wintergaurd
711 = Firesteel warshield
712 = Cryptshield
714 = Stormbreaker


562 = admantium breastplate
572 = Dragonscale armour
567 = imperial armour
587 = shining noble armour
2352 = Silver armour
3223 = Dawn Plate
3507 = amra's chestplate
3511 = shadowpulse armour
3513 = Fur Jacket

Magic CLoaks

577 = Robe of the spririt claw
581 = Robe of the outer circle
582 = Robe of the archmagi
3352 = Everwhite silk robe

Greaves and Leggings

533 = Fine cloth pants
546 = Knight's Greaves
552 = Fine steelclad greaves
553 = Ranger Leggings
554 = Stormrunner
557 = Dragonscale greaves
3170 = Magic Pants
3508 = amra's greaves


691 = Flaming eye
692 = Orb of mastery


665 = Blade of the master assasin
718 = Moonsilver war hammer
732 = Warclub of the Northmen
740 = Chaos Axe
741 = executioner
742 = Urmacht
747 = Heavy war staff
748 = BlackbLade's warclaw
2062 = Bataya
2063 = Zarathai's totem
2146 = Gronn's Fireaxe
2149 = Bloodthief
2156 = Glowing staff
2160 = Thunderblade
2151 = Windfall
2252 = Everflame
2253 = Crimson Wrath
2349 = Firedance
2388 = Biter
2535 = Earthblade
2673 = Ice staff
3139 = Soulblade
3237 = Soul Staff
3515 = blade of light


716 = Bow Of nobility
717 = elmwood crossbow
723 = Malins hunting crossbow
2199 = Flaming wrath
3218 = Spiritstrike

SPELLCODES = Level 12 only

White Magic
Aura of Endurance 2795
Aura of Strength 3163
Aura of Healing 2824
Area Healing 2111
Greater Healing 1878
Healing 1679 -not scroll
Sentinel Healing 1550
Suicide Heal 1517
Aura of Regeneration 2874
Cure Disease 2844
Cure Poison 2507
Charm Animal 2143
Dominate Animal 2501
Summon Bear 2271
Summon Wolf 212 -Not scroll
Thorn Shield 1842
Aura of Dexterity 2777
Aura of Fast Fighting 3117
Aura of Fast Walking 3060
Aura of Flexibility 2769
Aura of Light 2395
Dispel Black Aura 3149
Hallow 1664
Invulnerability 1800

Black Magic
Area Pain 1674
Aura of Weakness 189
Aura of Suffocation 1454
Death 1948
Extinct 1732
Pain 1886
Pestilence 1752
Suicide Death 1456
Aura of Lifetap 2787
Death Grasp 2265
Feign Death 3503
Lifetap 1772
Raise Dead 2263
Summon Skeleton 1864
Summon Spectre 2140
Summon Undead Goblin 2089
Aura of Inability 2773
Aura of Inflexibility 3135
Aura of Slow Fighting 3525
Aura of Slow Walking 3563
Dark Banishing 2963
Dispel White Aura 2493
Poison 1810
Remediless 2261

Elemental Magic
Fire Elemental 2493
Fireball 1993
Fireburst 2044
Fireshield 1906
Illuminate 1762
Melt Resistance 185
Rain of Fire 1794
Wave of Fire 2437
Blizzard 2287
Chill Resistance 103
Fog 1970
Freeze 2026
Ice Elemental 2405
Iceburst 1926
Iceshield 1654
Wave of Ice 3033
Conservation 2998
Decay 2866
Detect Metal 2840
Earth Elemental 3126
Petrify 1832
Rock Bullet 2413
Stone Rain 2281
Wave of Rocks 2445

Mind Magic
Befriend 3535
Charisma 2311
Charm 2992
Disenchant 3518
Distract 3160 -not scroll
Dominate 2850
Invisibility 3492
Self Illusion 2426 -Not Scroll
Amok 2188
Aura of Hypnosis 2781
Confuse 2812
Demoralize 3529
Disrupt 2121
Hypnotize 1870
Shock 1722
Shockwave 311
Aura of Brilliance 3025
Aura of Manatap 2599
Detect Magic 2890
Enlightenment 3015
Manadrain 1792
Manatap 1702
Meditation 317
Sacrifice Mana 1692

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Ancient Fire
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well that's really interesting you posted here brother my compliments to you
''What children fear and adults dread,
I'm much worse i scare the dead.''

I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies
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Dark Knight
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i don't wanna read all you just worte but i just gonna say that artmoney is too complicated for me and i'll just stick with simple codes.

A Dark Knight Of Fire.
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Old 03-20-2004, 00:02   #4
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Seriously man its easy once you figure it out, just follow my instructions step by step, Its a snap. I am no hacker or computer expert by anymeans, i just put the availiable information together for use.

It sonly a matter of time before someone writes a trainer for this game i think, or perhaps a spellforce amt table for items?
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Dark Knight
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it doesn't really metters for me couse i've already finished the game several times so i'm not gonna start a new game just to use the cheats.

A Dark Knight Of Fire.
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Fantasy Bad Boy
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Supper, A$$Y!!!! That's neat especially the item codes rule. Those are my favorities items list hehe..I was very temped to play SpellForce again with a few sets of Amra's armors, Frozen time rings..ect. But I am going to wait till Addon released then play SF again ^_^
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Arcon Doomblade
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Did'nt read all that because i don't use codes.
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Ancient Fire
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not a bad pic fantasy bad boy as for a$$i i allready used your codes en they work great my compliments my friend
''What children fear and adults dread,
I'm much worse i scare the dead.''

I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies
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And I'm the useless one
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well , i still think its easyer to go to and get some cheats
"If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith."- Albert Einstein
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he A$$Y did you find some runes?????
''What children fear and adults dread,
I'm much worse i scare the dead.''

I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies
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Hey lord of fire, im glad you have found my info here useful. At least i got one thank you!

Yes i recently have just collected all runes i could find, ill post codes for em when i get a chance.

Go away trollwarlord, leave me alone, and get out of this thread if its too hard for you to understand.

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Originally posted by A$$Y
Hey lord of fire, im glad you have found my info here useful. At least i got one thank you!

Yes i recently have just collected all runes i could find, ill post codes for em when i get a chance.

Go away trollwarlord, leave me alone, and get out of this thread if its too hard for you to understand.
ok i'm waithing and looking forward to make use of your post's
''What children fear and adults dread,
I'm much worse i scare the dead.''

I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies
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Fantasy Bad Boy
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Could stop myself from messing with the games and found some minor corrections:

soulaxe 3238
soulblade 3239

Arae of Healing scroll

Aura of Healing

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Well now everyone knows who the tattletale is, its trollwarlord 2.

Watch what you say around him because he runs to his mommy and rats you out first thing.....

I think it is hilarious trollwarlord2 that i started that thread mocking you lamers because you were acting like children.....




Are we seeing a pattern here people?

Yes i harrassed magic- but he harrassed me, so it turned out to be a fair trade off i think, immaturity, for immaturity.

Definately not my finest hour, but completely called for in my opinion and id do it again in a heartbeat.

And Just so you know trollwarlord 2.....magic- started it with me first, just like you you guys only have yourselves to blame for my reactions.

I guess you two forgot to read the threads like my posts about legit item finding and item hacking, because only a truly ignorant asshole who deserves to be banned would share info like that with a community who apperantly hates him.

Either that or maybe im just not such a bad guy after all.

And by the way trollwarlord2 have you ever done ANYTHING to help the spellforce community?

What about you magic-?


I hope so, cuz you seem to really care about what i have to say around here an awful lot. Maybe you should work on trying to fix things for everyone , instead of being a tattle tale.

As much as poeple hate my posts about the bugs etc in spellforce, which is just fine, they have every right to feel that way..... i dont blame them cuz i come across gruff alot of the time.

In the end the reason i do it so much is to hopefully bitch and complain about it enough to the devs around here so that they actually FIX IT.


Hate me or Love me, i do good and bad things for this community but as a rule:


Im not biased one way or the other about this game, i like it alot.

But i paid for certain features which still arent functional. And your all goddamn well gonna hear about it until THEY ARE FIXED.


To all the NON-LAMER CRY BABIES IN THIS FORUM who actually are just normal dudes:

I am still working on the rune warrior codes....however they are turning out to be alot trickier than the other items, i keep finding rune warriors that dont exist and stuff like warriors with priest colored (blue) runes and ones you cant find in the game, but i think im getting close.....i need to find the code of one legit rune warrior first, then ill be able to figure out the rest real easy, so if anyone has a legit rune warrior code, let me know. Until then ill just keep trying to figure one out by brute force.

I will probably get banned again so hopefully i can find the codes before i do haha!

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Rune Item Codes

Okay here is another huge update to my original post of items:

Included are all the rune warriors i could find (if there are some missing, let me know)

When i label an item as null?? It means there is info missing from it (picture, stats,name something not complete etc.)

Legit rune warrior item codes:

750 = Rune Priest marticus level 6
751 = Rune warior Karia level 14
752 = Rune mage SHindar level 19
753 = Rune mage antarus level 6
754 = Rune FIghter Garteth level 20
755 = Rune fighter tilleth level 12
756 = Rune Warlock Antius Level 18
757 = Rune mentalist Iolan level 8
758 = Rune archer Shalir level 16
759 = Preist Adhira level 18
760 = Rune mentalist Lyenn level 21
761 = Rune priest thalia level 3
762 = Rune mentalist faerin level 17
763 = Rune Warrior rodgar level 11
764 = Rune Warrior Ishtar level 21
765 = Rune priest Tehr level 14
766 = Rune archer Caitlyn level 5
767 = Rune fighter Ivor level 15
768 = Rune mage shaidar level 22
769 = Rune fighter istvan level 6
770 = Rune fighter Malverin level 9
774 = Rune archer Jawhel level 11
775 = Rune warlock Tonya level 7
776 = Rune warrior cord level 1
778 = Rune warrior bael level 17
779 = Rune fighter alrius level 17
780 = Rune warrior Rahira level 8
795 = Rune for human workers level 15
850 = Rune for dwarf workers level 15
859 = Rune for troll workers level 15
868 = Rune for darkelf slaves level 15
880 = Rune for elf workers level 15
931 = Rune for orc workers level 15

2737 = Rune mentalist selthas level 12
2930 = Rune mentalist ZOE level 14
3306 = Rune warlock severus level 15
3571 = Rune priest naomi level 9
3589 = Rune Priest snezana level 16

Unsure if these are legit or not:

773 = Rune warlock shirak level 5
777 = Rune warlock dragis level 16

Hidden, or unverified non-legit runes:

null runes??

3232 = drago level 4
3358 = warrior Rodgar level 25
3359 = Warrior Bael level 20
3360 = Rune Fighter Alrius level 20
3361 = warrior Karia level 20
3362 = Archer Jawhel level 20 ?????
3363 = Fighter tilleth level 20
3364 = Priest adhira level 20
3365 = mage Shaidar Level 20
3366 = PRiest Tehr Level 20
3367 = Mage shindar level 20
3368 = Warrior Ishtar Level 20
3369 = Fighter Ivor level 20
3370 = archir Shalir level 20
3371 = Fighter Gareth level 20
3372 = Warlock severus level 20
3373 = Mentalist Faerin Level 20
3374 = Mentalist Lyenn level 20
3375 = warlock Dragis level 20
3376 = Warlock Antius level 20
3377 = mentalist Selthas Level 20

semi null runes???

3231 = Rune of Drago level 4????
3438 = Rune warrior Rodgar level 25!!!
3439 = Rune Warrior Bael level 20
3440 = Rune Fighter Alrius level 20
3441 = Rune warrior Karia level 20
3442 = Rune MP Hero Bowmaster level 20 ????? (thats what it says)
3443 = Rune Fighter tilleth level 20
3444 = Rune Priest adhira level 20
3445 = Rune mage Shaidar Level 20
3446 = Rune PRiest Tehr Level 20
3447 = Rune Mage shindar level 20
3448 = Rune Warrior Ishtar Level 20
3449 = Rune Fighter Ivor level 20
3450 = Rune archir Shalir level 20
3451 = Rune Fighter Gareth level 20 - same stats as "real" gareth, however wrong color rune.
3452 = Rune Warlock Severus Level 20
3453 = Rune Metalist Faerin Level 20
3454 = Rune Mentalist Lyenn level 20
3455 = Rune warlock Dragis level 20
3456 = Rune Warlock Antius level 20
3457 = Rune Mentalist Selthas level 20
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srry to this reply this, but i really hate cheaters... so i think that sucks
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Expansion or unreleased items?????


Here is further updates to items i found in my adventures hunting for the rune warriors:

Many of these item codes are things that are not currently in the game, however many fit the bill of "ice items" and go with the breath of winter theme, which mean they could possibly be in the expansion. Many are missing pictures etc of the item, but the model shows up on your character when you equip it. Some are REALLY COOL There are no requirements for many of them!!!

Some highlights include:

- never before seen models of weapons
- character morhping!!!
- crazy high damage/armourclass items
- unusual stat bonuses on items, ie. armour class on weapons, +to mana, resists etc, MINUS to stats etc,
- really cool looking and neat stuff
- Shield weapons!!

I have a feeling we will be seeing some of this stuff in the expansion definately.

This stuff is no joke, and if anyone would like proof ill glady do so in the form of a save game or screenshot, whichever you prefer.

Most items are unsellbale, and none dissapear across level changes so far.

Here are the codes!!!!!

Legit Item codes discovered:

3315 = Wolf elite armour (quest item)
3316 = dagger of the red legion (quest item)
3318 = Ice stinger
3351 = glowing red key
3437 = Light silk (quest item)
3458 = Aria crystal (quest item)
3267 = shadowy greaves
3247 = Bronze statuette (quest item)
3246 = Uhtars's armour? (quest item)
3245 = Uthars sword (quest item)
3241 = key to stonblade mountain (quest item)
3236 = Last fragment of mosaic (quest item)
3235 = third pice of mosaic (quest item)
3234 = second pice of mosaic (quest item)
3233 = First fragmen of mosaic (quest item)
3229 = elven garments
3228 = Key to dwarf gate (quest Item)
3224 = Reinforced steel greaves
3223 = dawn plate
3217 = salvo spell
3218 = spiritstrike
3216 = steelskin spell
3215 = trueshot spell
3214 = durability
3213 = shelter
3212 = blessing
3211 = berserk spell
3210 = endurance
3209 = patronize
3208 = benefactions
3207 = warcry
3201 = shadow manifest (quest item)
3206 - 3202 = twonks heads

Complete items, but stuff i have never heard of or seen in the game, very odd (no null factors to them)

3226 = Enchanted shadow ring??? (quest item)
3303 = Green talar, whitemagic 6, armouclass 45, strength,dex,agilty,stamin plus 5, looks pretty neat
3265 = tahiras ring, intellgince and wisdom +5, mana +30
3264 = thairas robe armourclass 90 level 5
3230 = Flowing azure rob, similar to ones the girls wear in town any magic ability 5 , intelligence 15, charisma 5, AC 50
3240 = "THE RUNE", quest item no other info given (quest item)
3222 = VIOLET GEM??? (quest item)


Null weapons???

3249 = WICKED ICE BLADE OF MASTER ASSASIN 11-18 speed 100%, cool frost glow aroun dit, iceburst level3, iceburst level 3,

resist ice magic 175%!!!!
3251 = small hammer, damage 7-13, resist black magic 150!!!!, speed 100%
3252 = Big axe, damage 9-17, resist black magic 150!!!!, speed 100%
3259 = Mage staff,one hand, damage 2-6 speed 100%, poion level 3,poison level 3 (2x), intelligence ,wisdom plus 10
3260 = Glowing flame staff damage 3-5 speed 90 two hand
3262 = Gigantic 2 hand RED hammer,cool glow, damage 15-26 speed 60, Effect speed,speed, (2x)
3268 = Mage staff,one hand, damage 8-17 speed 100%, iceburst level 2,iceburst level 2 (2x)
3269 = Mage staff,one hand, damage 9-19 speed 100%, manadrain level 1,manadrain level 1 (2x)
3270 = Gigantic 2 hand hammer, crazy cool glow around tip, damage 18-35 speed 80, Effect speed,speed,speed, (3x)
3272 = gigantic two hand blue ice hammer damage 13-26, speed 65%...but effect includes, speed,speed,speed (3x)
3275 = gigantic 2 HAND HAMMER DAMAGE glows like soulblade!!! 16-29, LIFETAP LEVEL 2,MANADRAIN LEVEL2, pAIN LEVEL 2!!!!
3305 = MAge wepon damag 11-19, speed 80, crazy looking one hand mage staff ...MANA plus 30
3308 = mage weapon damage 9-14 speed 80 ->intelligence, wisdom plus 20....super cool magical effect around the blade too!
3317 = null weapon....this thing is crazy,damage 12-15 speed 100 looks like sword/sycth put together...lifetap level

7,fireburst level 10,manatap level 11
3319 = NUll Weapon damage 18 -22 speed 110 Looks like blade of master assasin
3323 = Null weapon damage 18 - 22, speed 125 one hand....this thing ROCKS@!@!!@ IT iS lIKE A HUGE SWORD....soo sweet i hope

this is in expansion.
3344 = Null Weapon?? Damage 16-20 speed 100% - cleaver one hand

3353 = Null weapon?? Damage 15-20 speed 100% 1 is a dagger, looks neat,it is see through maybe crystal or ghostly?
3412 = null weapon?? Damage 10-20 speed 100% 1 hand
3414 = null weapon?? Damage 10-20 speed 100% 1 hand
3415 = null weapon?? Damage 10-20 speed 100% 1 hand
3425 = Null weapon?? Damage 18-25 speed 100% 2 hand
3434 = null weapon?? Damage 13-18 speed 120% (pretty good!) 1 hand
3436 = null weapon?? Damage 13-18 speed 120% (pretty good!) 1 hand

Null Bows??

3248 = Iceburst Bow = iceburst level 2, 6-12, 2-15 speed 80% look super cool!!!
3427 = Null crossBOW Damage 16-32 speed 80% Range 2-22
3424 = Null crossBOW Damage 16-32 speed 80% Range 2-22
3345 = Null Crossbow Damage 13-17 speed 100% range 1-14

Null?? Armour NONE OF THESE ITEMS HAVE REQUIREMENTS! Lots of them look really cool too, i wish JoWood had put them in the game!

3310 = SUPER SWEET armourclass 400 uppers...spikes on shoulders!!!
3324 = plate steel uppers armour class 380
3327 = Leather armour...armour class 300
3330 = BLob morph armour class 150
3332 = REALLY cool looking chainmail uppers...armourclass 280
3335 = BLob morph armour class 300
3338 = Maroon robe armour class 200
3340 = BLob morph..armourclass 400!
3343 = Looks liek Fur jacket....armour class 400!!! (one slot uppers)
3380 = RING...-20 TO ALL ATRRIBUTES??????????????
3390 = CLoth gambeson...armour class 250@!@!@!
3392 = ANother blob transformer,. sooo weird...armour class 240
3394 = Cool looking blue robe armour class 150
3397 = mORE COOL LOOKING GREY ARMOUR uppers...armour class 350!!!!
3403 = lOOKS LIEK IRIDIAN CHESTPLATE....armour class 320!@@!!@@!, ONLY TAKES UPPER SLOT!!!!!
3408 = Looks likr robe of outer cirlce armour class 150
3409 = GREEN ROBE Armour class 160!!
3410 = RED ROBE armourclass 150...looks really cool!!!!

Null shields????

3220 = "hammer shield" armourclass 40, damage 8-11 agility,dex,strength,stamina ALL PLUs 9 !!
3244 = intellegince 10 wisdom 10, no armourclass...really small shield.
3250 = no armourclass, plus 50 to ALL RESISTANCEs!!!
3254 = damage 8-15 range 2-10 SPEED 150!@@!@!@!@!@!@! CRAZY@!!@!@!@ (this could be some dsort of throwing wepon but looks

liek a shield and can only go in right arm)

If you want to uover more of these wird things on your own i encourage you, just start subbin in number between 1 and ~4500 and you will start seeing this stuff, post your results people!!!!

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Then go away shadow blade, im not forcing you to use or read this information. A post like that in this thread is completely useless.

there are many threads in this forum that deal with NOT CHEATING, go read my thread on LEGIT ITEM FINDING if you are interested in doing things without hacks.

It is listed under my old banned acount A$$Y.

Just so you know I sit on both sides of the fence and i have one completely legitimate , non hacked character, which has 95 percent of all the sweetest gear in the game, and is at level 30, which i spent many hours building.

However after the three hundreth time of saving and reloading to find spells/items etc, i decided to take matters in my own hands. So here we are, and these are the codes for all to enjoy....if they choose to.

For the rest of you....Enjoy the expansion info, this should start rumors galore!!!

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A$$Y2 .. I banned you once and you re-registered.
You are now given a second chance (usually I would just re-ban you).

greetings UNI
"There are 10 types of people in the world... those who understand binary and those who don't."
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Sweet thanks UNI, you've restored my faith in humanity.

ill try and be a good boy now
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