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[Collective thread] SpellForce 3 - All information

Dear Community,

this thread is to serve you all information about the upcoming SpellForce 3 to keep you up to date. This thread will be updated continuously. Here you can find first press releases, images and much more.

Please continue discussions in this thread.

Important Information

Publisher: THQNordic
Developer: Grimlore Games
Release: 07/12/2017
Story: Prequel, 518 years before SpellForce 1
Discover a full world without any portals or islands
3 playable races (Human, Orcs, Elves)

Pre-Order SpellForce 3 on Steam or at gog.com

Official SpellForce 3 Website is now online!

Official features
  • RTS/RPG Mix: Unique gameplay combining RTS and Top-Down RPG genres

  • RTS: the RTS part focuses on macromanagement (overall strategy, conquering of zones, managing large groups of units)

  • RPG: the RPG part puts emphasis on micromanaging the party of heroes (skills of ALL heroes of the party have assigned keyboard bindings) in battles

  • Create & Customize: assemble your party of heroes and choose between numerous combinations of different skill builds

  • Strengthen and command your army: Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Moreover, players can utilize a wide array of strategic choices (like e.g. terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting etc.) that would make Sun Tzu proud

  • Epic Storyline: Unravel a deep and sophisticated story, eventually leading up to the events that cause the world-changing convocation ritual

  • Rich universe & lore: Explore the world Eo and discover intrigues, secrets and a lot of loot for your hero

  • Extensive single-player campaign: 30+ hours, even more when you manage to discover all the things Grimlore put in the world

  • Multiplayer: Strong multiplayer component with various modes - Play cooperatively or in versus battles


First Pressreleases & Videos

[GER][GameStar 08/14] SpellForce: The Prequel
[GER][PCGames 08/15] SpellForce 3 in der Gamescom-Vorschau: Mehr Strategie, mehr RPG
[GER][Preview 08/15] SpellForce 3 - Gameplay-Änderungen, Story und Ausblick - Gamescom 2015

[POL][Preview 08/15] http://www.gram.pl/artykul/2015/08/0...z-pokazu.shtml
[EN][RPGWatch 08/15] SpellForce 3 Gamescom Early Look
[EN][Report from GC 15 & Interview Peter Ohlmann] Report
[EN][Polygon.com 6/17]
SpellForce 3 mashes up two genres into one beautiful package


Even more pics on Steam or Facebook.


Images 2015 Spoiler:

#2 Spoiler:



Ingame: First shot from the desert Spoiler:
The base is growing. But be aware: This will attract the Orcs. So, static defenses are always a good idea.

Ingame: The Span Spoiler:
This is an ingame screenshot of a single player level we call "The Span".



Artworks/Concepts Spoiler:
Concept Art: Shaper Spoiler:
The ancient tribe of the Shapers vanished long ago from the face of Eo. Nowadays only ruins bear witness to their former greatness!

Concept Art: Orc Javelin Spoiler:
As a ranged attacker he keeps his enemies at bay with deadly spears!

Concept Art: Elven Ranger Spoiler:
What the ranged Orc attacker does with his speer, the Elves do with their bows.

Concept Art: Orc barracks Spoiler:
Basic Orc army units are recruited from the Orc barracks. These are the units, that make up the largest part of the army in the mid stage of expansion.

Concept Art: The Human Woodcutter Spoiler:
Timber is essential to the construction of buildings in SpellForce 3. And certainly you should maximize protection of supply lines to ensure constant supplies.

Concept Art: The Neutral Tavern Spoiler:
The tavern is a neutral building, which adds a decorative element to villages. The picture below shows the Tavern of Farlorns Hope. There will be plenty of unique buildings in order to give each campaign location a special look.

Concept Art: The Monster Spider Spoiler:
The Monster Spider is a neutral spider creep. The world of SpellForce 3 is populated by various creatures who sometimes do behave aggressively onto players. They keep a close watch on legendary treasures and give an opportunity for fights apart from the RTS gameplay.

Concept Art: The Orc Hunting Cabin Spoiler:
Hunting cabins are the first possibility to produce food as a resource for units. But hunting alone will not be sufficient to provide a big army.

Concept Art: Orc Watchtower Spoiler:
The picture shows the Watchtower of the Orcs. Each faction will have its own simple watchtower for defence against attacks.

Concept Art: The Human Mentalist Spoiler:
The Human Mentalist is a magician who deals area damage.

Concept Art: The Orc Worker Spoiler:
The worker plays an important part in the building phase.

Concept Art: The Orc Drummer Spoiler:
The drummer pushes the Orcs to fierce combat, constantly inciting them to deliver their peak.

Environment Concept Art: Hybernian Temple Spoiler:
A party of heroes examines ancient Hybernian ruins... Stay close to each other and keep your eyes open!

Concept Art: The Dragon Spoiler:
SpellForce 3 will of course feature dragons. They were always a part of Eo.

Concept Art: Elven Outpost (second stage of expansion) Spoiler:
The Elves incorporate vivid forms and intricate designs into all their buildings making each of them look like a little piece of art.

Concept Art: Hybernian Temple Spoiler:
A long time ago, the Hybernian Empire has come to an end. But the ruins of their enormous cities, that once dominated the face of Fiara, still radiate the dignity and immense power of those ancient times. In recent times, their aura seems to draw new visitors.
At least, the Morhir Elves from Leafshade noticed strange processions at night, that pass the enourmous gates and delve into the heart of these ancient monuments.

#2 Spoiler:
Concept Art: Orc Firemaster Spoiler:
The Firemasters are the spiritual leaders of the Orcs. Their actual influence differs from Clan to Clan. They interpret Zarachs' will and set their enemies to fire by casting powerful fire magic.

Concept Art: Orc Veteran Spoiler:
Schaut euch die Konzeptzeichnung einer schweren Ork Nahkampf Einheit in einer schweren Rüstung an.

Concept Art: Elven Farm Spoiler:
The Morhir elves in northern Fiara adapted their buildings and diet to the climate of the jungle. Their open and baroque architecture allows for good air circulation and gives their plants enough possibilities to grow.

Concept Art: The Eye Spoiler:
"The Eye" is a location shrouded in legend, located in southern Nortander. The fortress on top of the eponymous rock deteriorated ages ago, but the tales and legends are alive as ever.

Concept Art: Armored Warg Spoiler:
Wargs are already a frightening sight on their own. But Wargs, armour-cased by orcish smiths, strike fear in the hearts of even the most steadfast warriors. Only the strongest and most experienced orcs are able to ride those beasts into battle.

Concept Art: Cities in Nortander Spoiler:
Besides ruins and other mysterious places, there are, of course, also densely populated areas with large cities. Those cities are the major trading points as well as the centres of the cultural live in the kingdom. But they also provide numerous dark alleys for shady individuals to do their businesses.
The manifold landscape of Nortander is also reflected in the layout and architecture of the cities. Many of the bigger cities located in the mountainous areas of the Windwall or the Gottmark are protected by mighty castles to scare of enemies during times of war.


3D Render

3D Render Spoiler:
3D Render: Orc Outpost (first stage of expansion) Spoiler:
The improved Orc Outpost has a higher capacity (more workers) than the basic one. It also allows you to man more buildings and increases the level of productivity.

3D Render: The Human Mentalist Spoiler:
Take a look at the ingame model of the human mentalist. We're working hard on providing a nice balance between keeping the detail level of the concept art while also keeping the assets economic enough to allow for massive battles.



SpellForce 3: First music track  Spoiler:
A calm and melancholic piece for a small village that defies the cold and harsh environment not far away from the great Barga Gor.
Visiting Farlorns Hope in the age before the convocation might still bring up memories that lie back over a decade.


to be continued....

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