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Post SpellForce 3 Patches - Changelogs

SpellForce 3 wird regelmäßig automatisch auf Steam & GOG gepatcht. In diesem Thread findet ihr zur Übersicht alle Informationen über die Veränderungen im Spiel.

18th January 2018 1.28
- It is now possible to collect resources with your heroes even if you do not yet have an RTS base

- Fixed equipment of heroes in hero selection not being updated if the player changes it while the hero selection is open
- Fixed hero name tooltips not being displayed over portraits of heroes not currently in the party
- Fixed ability tooltips not being displayed for heroes not currently in the party

- Loading screen narrations will no longer be skipped automatically when playing co-op (can still be skipped manually if all players press space)
- When playing a singleplayer skirmish game, the loading screen will now behave like in the singleplayer campaign
- Several fixes and improvements to english dialogue voice overs
- Various minor fixes and improvements

- Campaign: Small balancing changes in later Mulandir encounters

17th January 2018 1.26
- You can now manage the equipment and abilities of ALL your heroes while in Mulandir and on the World Map
(if you are loading an existing savegame in the Nexus, you may need to exit to Mulandir once in order for the party management to be unlocked)

- Fixed an issue that would prevent a chest in Everlight: Slaugtherhouse from being opened
- Fixed inspection texts on locked chests not being displayed
- Fixed several artefact-related issues on various maps
- Fixed possible crash in mp lobby
- Fixed no auto-saves being created in campaign coop
- Fixed workers not moving in some older savegames
- Fixed carriages looking in wrong direction when leaving sector centers
- Fixed XP distribution and loot drops for sacrificed creatures
- Fixed a potential issue that would cause players to not be able to leave the Scorching Desert: Oasis
- Fixed the Quest 'Holding a Grudge' at Farlorn's hope
- Fixed an inaccessible room at the Greykeep Barracks
- Fixed an issue in Liannon that caused the Heroparty being stuck after a dialogue
- Fixed an issue where you could not talk to Silverhand on Old-Haalayash
- Fixed a questline issue at The Eye
- Fixed '47 Blemishes' Side Quest
- Fixed reinforcements being hostile on The Golden Road
- Fixed steam join/invite inside running application
- Implemented two missing multiplayer related steam achievements

- Drastically reduced delay when opening campaign/pause/load/save/replay menus when the player has a lot of savegames/replays
- Added a note revealing the final digit of the combination lock in Everlight in case you don't want to guess it
- Localization update: fixed missing translations and translation errors, lots of minor improvements

- Campaign: The Eye 1 balancing changes regarding encounters and combat

12th January 2018 1.25
- Fixed popup window appearing underneath slots in multiplayer lobby
- Fixed gathered resources statistic
- Fixed Avatar not being able to interact with daughter on "Lingering Hope"-Quest
- Added savegame-compatibility for goblin meat traders
- Fixed Artifact-Interaction in Barga Gor and added an effect to mark the appropriate spot
- Fixed enemy waves not approaching their target in Barga Gor
- Fixed a missing NPC in Barga Gor
- Fixed a desync that could be triggered by Kiss of Nor and other spells
- Game difficulty is kept when changing levels in coop game
- Fixed a possible issue that would prevent one of the final dialogues in Old-Haalayash to start

- Improved savegame selection speed in mp lobby
- Reduced memory usage during multiplayer games
- Enabled load game button in pause menu for mp coop hosts

- Campaign: Aonirs Blade all bosses now beatable on higher difficulty, several balancing changes
- Campaign: Aonirs Blade, Kiroy can now be healed in the final phase of the mission
- Campaign: Resistance and immunity potions now last considerably longer (+100%, +50%)

11th January 2018 1.24
- Reduced the amount of tribute required for The God-King
- It has also been reported that some traders in Everlight started to sell smelly meat...

- Fixed an issue that would not allow players to talk to an important NPC in Old-Haalayash after gathering all shards
- The quest "The Protectors" now completes after finishing the main quest, even if the player did not utilize RTS
- Fixed a potential issue that would not allow the player to talk to the Loyalist Leader in Iskander Wilds
- Fixed a potential issue that would cause the artefact on Barga Gor not to work
- Fixed an issue that would not let players finish the Main Quest on The Unknown Island
- Fixed an issue that would not let players complete Qirr's Quest in Everlight

9th January 2017 1.23
- Fixed "Riches of the all Father" quest trigger
- Fixed a possible issue that would cause infinite/incorrect dialogue behaviour in the Old-Haalayash Bonus Mission
- Fixed an issue that would not trigger a certain quest-dialogue on The Unknown Island in some occasions
- Fixed an issue that would not finish "The Provisions"-Quest on Aonir's Blade
- Fixed a potential issue that would not correctly trigger a cutscene on Aonir's Blade
- Fixed an issue that would not allow players to start "The Mentalists"-Quest and finish "Unwavering Resolve"-Quest on Aonir's Blade.
- Various fixes in companion-related dialogues
- Various smaller visual fixes on some levels

- Campaign: Second orc mission greatly rebalanced on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: First human mission rebalanced on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: Some balancing changes for the first two rts missions with enemies on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: Some encounters improved later in the game

22th December 2017 1.22
- Fixed "Ring of the Riches" not working under certain conditions
- Fixed players being able to lock themselves out of a certain camp at Foot of Barga Gor
- Fixed a dialogue issue that could prevent the player from completing Windwall Foothills
- Fixed Orc AI buildings on skirmish map Scorching Canyon not being attackable
- Fixed incorrect quest marker for Forgotten Knowledge quest
- Fixed an artefact on Unknown Island
- Fixed invisible dialogue responses in some dialogues

- Slight changes to Aonir's Blade Starting Resources
- "Consumable" items are now split into more detailed categories depending on their functionality

21th December 2017 1.21
- Fixed possible crash when trying to load savegame or re-entering a previously visited map
- Fixed possible issue with some map transitions not working as intended
- Fixed heroes no longer being controllable after a conversation with Liliath
- Fixed player not being able to talk to Loyalist Commander after a certain event in Iskander Wilds
- Fixed an issue that caused the final cutscene on Windwall Foothills to trigger twice

20th December 2017 1.20
- Fixed Uram's head disappearing when equipping a helmet
- Fixed player not being able to talk to Isgrimm anymore after a certain point in the story
- Fixed incorrect component distribution and rewards for some artefact item quests
- Fixed a character remaining in Mulandir after they should have fled
- Fixed a wrong quest step being activated during an important event in Mulandir
- Fixed a quest in Mulandir breaking if an important NPC dies
- Shaper Isle Fixed an issue where the quest did not complete at the final dialogue
- General improvements to the shaper Isle
- Fixed a few memory leaks

20th December 2017 1.19
- Smoother camera movement in Mulandir Nexus

- Bug with Isgrims armor being downgraded should be fixed now. Now has a new safety net, shouldn't happen anymore
- Fixed an issue in Aonir's Blade that caused some players to not get the "Terror From the Deep"-quest
- Fixed an issue that prevented players from finishing the "In the Name of Knowledge"-quest in Aonir's Blade
- Fixed bug where units in defensive stance could move erraticly
- Fixed bug where speaking to Ianna would not update the "Speak to your companions" task for "The Final Test"
- Fixed creatures not spawning on nav mesh under certain circumstances
- Fixed several issues with "The Lost Trader" quest line
- Fixed an issue that could cause a cutscene during "The Final Test" to become stuck
- Fixed incorrect animation timings in several cutscenes
- Fixed an issue where players could not talk to (or poison) a certain NPC on The Eye anymore

19th December 2017 1.18
- Fixed some possible issues when trying to connect to a multiplayer session over the internet
- Fixed load menu closing when trying to scroll via the scrollbar
- Fixed being able to enter Unknown Island before having any RTS faction unlocked. If you are currently on Unknown Island without an RTS faction, you will be teleported away upon loading your savegame (don't worry, your progress on the map won't be lost)

18th December 2017 1.17
- Difficulty of Enemy AI on Windwall Foothills reduced

- Fixed several issues concerning savegames and map transitions in co-op play
- Ring "Thrill of the Duel" now correctly reduces your cooldowns
- Fixed an issue that would cause The Lightbringer to not die on Windwall Foothills
- Fixed a potential issue that would cause the player not being able to find Clara Farlorn after "The Refugees"-quest
- Fixed another issue with Undergast's "The World Within" questline. It should now be possible to talk to him in the creators guild even if the savegame was bugged previously.
- Fixed wrong formation behavior when giving move command to same position repeatedly
- "Elen's High Priest Robe" and "Channeling Robe" now give the correct boni
- Fixed a potential issue that would prevent progress in Qirr's Quest.
- Reworked quest steps for "Corrupted Hearts" quest (collecting shards). This should fix some issues with the quest flow and allow players stuck here to advance properly.
- Fixed an issue that would allow players to advance in "The Prodigal Son"-quest without having it enabled
- Fixed plotstoppers on Foot of Barga Gor and The Eye

16th December 2017 1.16
- Added notification once a companion has gained access to their signature ability

- Lots fixes and improvements for all companion quests and accompanying dialogues
- Fixed another NPC that potentially could have gone missing on The Golden Road

15th December 2017 1.15
- A certain trader will now appear in Everlight after he has been rescued
- When not siding with hunters in "Legacy of Destruction", player will now be able to attack them
- Enabled "Form Squad" button

- Fixed another Undergast dialogue issue (The World Within)
- Fixed active hero abilities resetting after loading a game
- Fixed hero stats sometimes not updating correctly on item swap
- Fixed unreachable chests on Mulandir & The Golden Road
- Fixed hide helmets option not working for companions in some cases
- Fixed weapon "Firewielder's Legacy" damage not scaling correctly
- Fixed an issue with "The Legacy of Destruction" caused by the player leaving in the middle of a dialogue
- Fixed several potential issues in dialogues which could break if the player had the wrong party members
- Fixed an issue that did not move player out of the RTS in the foot of barga gor map
- Fixed some missing quest markers
- Fixed potential dialogue issues in Farlorn's Hope
- Fixed potential crash when applying a blueprint that reduces construction costs for a building upgrade

- Campaign: Artefact enemies slightly stronger, some ability changes, XP gain balanced
- Campaign: Increased health of late game creeps
- Campaign: Reduced cast time of Undead Tormented Mage

14th December 2017 1.13
- Late game enemy RTS heroes in campaign reworked

- Fixed several issues related to "The Legacy of Destruction" quest
- Fixed an issue where a dialogue for "The Final Test" would not trigger
- Fixed "The Engineer" quest not updating upon acquiring a certain item
- Fixed an issue that would cause the main quest to get stuck in the Old-Haalayash Elves Mission
- Fixed an issue that would not allow the player to leave to Monastery Ruins
- Fixed issue with a repeating cutscene on The Eye
- Fixed some RTS related issues on The Eye
- Fixed some achievements not triggering correctly
- Fixed crash bug because of faulty faction manager
- Fixed rare crash regarding creature conditions
- Fixed a bug where spell consequences were not applied in the right order leading to wrong spell outcomes
- Newly added creep spells and perks are now correctly transfered to older savegames

13th December 2017 1.12
- New item graphics
- Heroes are preselected when entering a new map

- Fixed a questlog bug in Aonir's Blade when the player did not choose any side
- Fixed a dialogue bug that would stop an intro dialogue in the final mission
- Fixed a dialogue bug that would stop an important dialogue in The Nexus
- Fixed a dialogue bug that would stop the player from completing The Golden Road
- Fixed player not being able to talk to some NPCs for Corrupted Hearts quest
- Fixed essential NPCs for the Corrupted Hearts quest not being immortal
- Fixed player not being able to turn in Fragments of the Phoenix after collecting all of them
- Fixed player not being able to talk to Undergast for the "The World Within" quest
- Fixed player being permanently uncontrollable after talking to Angar after making certain story choices
- Fixed several issues causing your companion's personal quests to become stuck
- Fixed workers having issues approaching fish resource deposits after loading a savegame
- Fixed selection frame remaining visible when casting spell while dragging
- Fixed incorrect directions being displayed when trying to turn certain pillars
- Fixed savegames in Iskander Wilds where Angar is missing
- Fixed item "Noria's Command" to now apply its bonus to all weapons
- Fixed rare bug that could lead to factions not being correctly restored after loading a game
- Fixed possible memory corrupting bug that could lead to crashed or desyncs
- Fixed players being able to travel directly from Unknown Island to Iskander Wilds (unfortunately you will have to load a savegame from the Unknown Island or before if you were affected by this bug)
- T3 Enemy RTS units damage in campaign scales properly to difficulty levels now
- Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash immediately on startup on certain systems

- Reworked most enemy RTS heroes in campaign
- Efficiency of Leadership Auras reduced
- Clarity: Reduced amount of focus gained when the effect triggers. The effect can now also only trigger every 2 seconds.
- Avatar: Cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 15 seconds

- Added more unique items and item icons
- Localization fixes and updates
- Drastically reduced memory usage when playing for extended periods of time (unless Asset Caching is set to "Always" in which case you probably don't care anyways)

- Fixed a cutscene during "An Uneasy Alliance" not ending with certain hero party configurations
- Fixed consumable item slot of hero possibly being locked by accident
- Fixed a lose condition in Iskander Wilds
- Fixed factions in Mulandir turning hostile in rare occasions
- Fixed some bosses being instantly killable with certain weapons
- Call to arms now applies the correct effect on all ranks
- Fixed hands of characters disappearing when equipping certain armors
- Fixed an issue that would cause infinite dialogues in Barga Gor
- Fixed an issue that would cause an instant defeat upon returing to The Unknown Island
- Fixed various inspections
- Fixed an issue with the player-selected faction on The Eye
- Fixed an issue that stopped the player from completing The Golden Road
- Fixed various issues that would not allow progress on Aonir's Blade side quests
- Fixed an issue on Windwall Foothills that stopped the main quest from progressing
- Fixed heroes not spawning when leaving the temple on The Unknown Island
- Fixed an issue that would not allow players to finish an important quest on Scorching Desert: Oasis
- Fixed various other quest-related issues

- Fixed several quest-related bugs
- Fixed Human Architect sometimes not appearing
- Fixed transport pathfinding on Fortress Stoneguard skirmish map
- Fixed loadings screen sometimes getting stuck in multiplayer sessions

- Some higher quality helmet item prices reduced in campaign
- Orb useable item prices reduced in campaign
- Slight adjustments to Raze ability

- Fixed "Olive Branch" quest (If you already talked to the messenger, the quest will update the next time you are in Mulandir)
- Fixed not being able to talk to a required NPC for "Going on the Offensive" quest if you were too nice to him
- Fixed crash when using "Create Stone I / II / III" ability
- Fixed consumables sometimes not triggering their cooldown correctly
- Fixed certain abilities not being removed from action groups after a corresponding quest was finished
- Several fixes and improved communication of quest targets for the "Corrupted Hearts" quest
- Fixed some item attribute bonuses not being applied correctly under certain circumstances
- Characters are now replaced if their saved position got invalid because patches made the area unreachable
- Fixed missing gender-specific voice lines in German audio
- Fixed heroes not auto attacking on Unknown Island
- Fixed Human Architect on Iskander Wilds level
- Fixed prices of Trader perks not being applied
- Fixed hair not being acquirable for "The Elixir" quest (you may have to talk to the target twice in order for the dialogue to reset)
- Fixed crash that could sometimes occur in pause menu
- Fixed starting with wrong faction (e.g. as enemy) or only seeing a black map after loading a savegame
- Misc other minor quest fixes

- Highlight particle effect of loot containers will now remain active until the container is empty

- Fixed an issue with the "Terror from the Deep" quest
- Fixed an issue with certain Dragon Hunters refusing to die
- Fixed missing collision for building in Everlight

- When playing co-op, only the host can now control the character creator

- "The Elixir" quest can now be completed
- Fixed "No Rest for the Wicked" issue when defeating some enemies in the wrong order
- Lost Trader in Farlorn's Hope now has correct inventory

- The Refugees: Fixed "fix" for not being able to talk to Clara
- Prodigal Son: Fixed Ibertus not being interactable in old savegames without reloading
- Fixed workers getting stuck in inescapable area next to capitol on AB
- Fixed another bug related to the "The Elixir" quest
NOTE: If you acquire one of the items but drop/sell it before finishing the quest, the quest tracker may not show the quest anymore or you may not be able to talk to Rohesia. Once you have all the required items in your inventory again, the tracker will update and you will be able to talk to her.

- Decreased RTS difficulty on later campaign maps, especially on Easy and Normal difficulty
- Various minor fixes and improvements to english voice overs
- Changelog now only opens on game start if there are new changes
- Improved starting gear selection for heroes with low dexterity
- Slightly reduced savegame file size

- Fixed "A Macabre Market" quest (targets now turn hostile when they should)
- Fixed incorrectly placed quest marker for "Lingering Hope" quest
- Added additional means to acquire a certain ingredient required for "The Elixir"
- Fixed Isgrimm's armor upgrades not being applied (if you already tried to upgrade him, the upgrade will be applied once you bring him the materials for the next level)
- Fixed a possible issue that could prevent a dialogue with Arlan Finrior from being started
- Fixed an issue that could prevent you from progressing in the "The Refugees" quest line if a building was placed in an unfortunate spot
- Fixed a potential issue that did not allow players to talk to a story-relevant person in Everlight
- Fixed an issue that gave player a story-option in Hybernian Ruins that they did not yet unlock

- Judgement: Increased cast time significantly.
- Judgement: Reduced cast range significantly.
- Judgement: Decreased damage output slightly.

- Fixed several quest related bugs
- Fixed loot bags not being clickable when dropped too close to a building
- Multiplayer chat history will now be cleared when entering a new session
- Fixed timing on some death animations

- Crash fixes
- Savegame-related fixes
- Minor performance improvements

- Fixed (another) issue preventing co-op players from proceeding past Fortress Vastel: Burial Caverns in the prologue
- Fixed an issue involving "The Refugees" quest.
We recommend restarting the game from a savegame made BEFORE entering the level for this quest. (Your most recent savegame will most likely work, too, but just to be safe.)
- Summons of Phantasm and Doppelganger Ability now wear armor
- Fixed some quests occasionally being displayed multiple times in the quest tracker
- Fixed screen remaining black during a certain dialogue
- Fixed birds flying sideways

- Reduced the focus costs of Fan of Knives from 10 to 5.
- Slightly increased the damage of Whirlwind.
- Increased the time-out for "Retaliate" from 3/2/1s to 6/4/3s.
- "Giantsbane": can now only affect up to 3 targets at a time.
- "Giantsbane": reduced block chance from 5% to 0%.
- Increased the block chance for 1h Sword and Hammer from 5% to 10%.
- Judgement now does full damage at level two but only affects up to 4 targets.
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